Badr Jafar


At just 29 years old, Badr Jafar was voted Young CEO of the Year in this year’s CEO Middle East Awards.

With his entrepreneurial prowess and managerial skills, and apart from his primary role in the oil and gas industry as Executive Director of Crescent Petroleum and Chairman of Pearl Petroleum, Badr Jafar leads a diverse group of pioneering companies in his role as CEO of Crescent Investments, with interests covering a wide range of industries internationally including ports and logistics, aviation, medical facilities, mineral processing, private equity and real estate. Among this group of companies is Gulftainer, the largest private-sector port management and logistics firm in the Region, and Clinical Pathology Services, the only fully CPA (UK) (Clinical Pathology Accreditation) accredited private pathology practice in the Middle East. As Executive Chairman of Gas Cities LLC, he has also pioneered the formation of a proprietary concept in developing large natural gas-based industrial cities across the Middle East and North Africa to maximize the economic benefit of locally produced natural gas by generating mass local industry, employment and foreign direct investment. Badr Jafar is a graduate of the University of Cambridge with a Masters Degree in Engineering and a Business Degree from the Judge Business School.