Petition calls on Emaar to reverse dog ban in Dubai Marina

Move to block animals from promenade was for hygiene reasons, says Dubai developer

The ban imposed on pets on Dubai Marina promenade remains in place, in spite of opposition from residents in the area and plans to set up a petition against the move.

Signs have been placed across the Dubai Marina promenade, thanking them for “not bringing their dogs along to the promenade”.

Emaar, who imposed the ban, said the decision was taken for hygienic reasons.

“As part of enhancing the Marina Promenade experience at Marina Living, we are currently implementing the Environmental Management and Monitoring Programme as per the guidelines of Dubai Municipality to keep the premises clean, safe, hygienic and healthy at all times,” a spokesperson for Emaar said.

“We have requested our visitors to kindly refrain from bringing their pets along the Marina Promenade, as part of the hygienic measures.

“We look forward to the cooperation of our residents and visitors to further add value to the community.”

Residents in the area have started an online petition calling on Emaar reverse the ban on pets, saying the decision “does not take into consideration the large number of dogs, and dog owners living on the Marina, and who chose to live on the Marina for its dog friendly attribute”.

The petition also suggests that Emaar should “allocate proper and safe designated areas where dogs can exercise, run and play, on the Marina“.

A concerned resident who contacted Arabian Business via email said animals have now been banned from any public space in the area.

“The outcome of this ruling will have tremendous impacts for dog owners and for the animals as in practical terms will mean dogs will be banned from any public space (they are already banned in JBR, the beach and now Marina, the only remaining public space on the community).

“In addition this will have considerable impact for the current owners which their property value will be diminished and for tenants with dogs which will have to move to a different community.”

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Posted by: Aisha

Thank You Emaar for the dog ban!!
I have seen dog owners in Marina who let their dogs poop and pee literally anywhere. Not only is this disgusting but can be harmeful for kids who play in the area. The promenade has a lot of kids playing around and dogs should NOT be allowed there.
Dogs should also be banned from residential apartment buildings. If people want to own a dog, they should move to a villa so they're dogs have sufficient area. Apartment buildings are not meant for keeping animals in.
Alot of muslims like to keep a distance from dogs as they are considered dirty or 'najas'. And dog owners are completely insensitive to this. I have dog owners in my building who let their dogs loose in the elevators, which is unacceptable.
Allowing animals to live with you has nothing to do with being 'modern'. Wanting animals around you is a personal choice and if you wish to do so, get a villa! Others should not have to deal with it.

Posted by: Kevin

Well done Emaar, we do not want Marina to become a Zoo and a promenade for wild ferocious dogs.

Posted by: Derek

Kevin I have lived on the Marina for 14months now and not once seen or heard a "ferocious" dog so get real and enjoy life.

Posted by: Mike

This is not a dog cleanup issue. This is an intolerance issue. Let's not kid ourselves.

Posted by: Vijay

Though I personally do not agree with a blanket ban on dogs, I live in the marina area and have seen some careless Owners not bothering to clean up after their pets, not having them on a leash in public areas not bothering to clean up if their pets have done the ''call of nature'' in the lifts and common areas.

Rather unfortunate that because of some careless Owners, all dog Owners suffer!

Posted by: stuart

Well done Emaar, a very positive move, no need for dogs to be ruining such a nice location.

Posted by: Mashhour

I couldn't agree more and wish they would implement the same ban in Old Town to have cleaner playing areas for kids

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