A look inside Royal Jet's $9m plane revamp

Abu Dhabi-based Royal Jet has put back in service its Boeing Business Jet (A6-AIN) after a $9 million upgrade and refurbishment.
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The refurbishment was designed by Edése Doret Industrial Design (EDID), the acclaimed New York aircraft interiors consultancy to give the BBJ (A6-AIN) a new and more modern and contemporary interior, furnishings of the highest quality, luxury seats and sleeper beds.
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The A6-AIN’s new interior has a quintessentially modern look with a number of surprising material choices, including ostrich skin on the seatbacks and bulkheads and jet glass on longitudinal bulkheads.
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Doret also used some new finishes, such as metals covered in a new smoked nickel coating, made possible by metal specialists Techno-coat.
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The aircraft also saw a new complete cabin interior design concept that was implemented on the VIP areas as well as in the Business/Economy areas incorporating combinations of exotic wood veneers, decorative polycarbonate mirrors, finished plated metallic corner protections & trims, pure marble stone and luxurious leather patterns.
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In terms of technology, the upgrade fitted the A6-AIN with Custom Concept Control (CCC) In-Flight Entertainment and Cabin Management Control system. This system provides a wide range of Inflight entertainment system Audio/Video sources selection including Airshow as well as provides control of Cabin lighting System, Passenger call system, GSM and Wifi system.
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The system configured with passenger Graphical User Interface (GUI) at each seat screen with a support of dual language (English and Arabic) and Flight Attendant Graphics User Interface at each Flight Attendant Control Stations through the use of touch screen for allowing an intuitive control of the IFE/CMS system.
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The Audio/Video On Demand (AVOD) system allows passenger to simultaneously access high-definition IFE content from any monitor in the cabin, ensuring limitless In-Flight Entertainment for every flight.
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The A6-AIN is fitted with installation of a Cabin GSM (GSMConneX™) and WIFI communication system in order to provide GSM and Internet services for aircraft passengers enabling passengers to remain connected throughout their journey.
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All the VIP seats incorporate an individual 10.4in HD in-seat monitor and passenger control unit (PCU), 37in HD LCD monitor on the bulkhead of the forward lounge, GSM phones connectivity with an AeroMobile GSM system, and all flight information presented in two languages – English and Arabic.
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The A6-AIN BBJ was delivered to Sabena technics on August 20, 2012 and was redelivered on June 18, 2013.
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