Arabian Business Achievement Awards in Saudi Arabia

Chairman of Al Fozan Contracting takes top honour at Arabian Business Achievement Awards in Saudi Arabia
12 Fahed al Fozan - Executive Vice president of Al Fozan Contracting ( Life time Achievement Award ).jpg
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Mohammed Al Fozan, the chairman of Al Fozan, took the top prize at this week’s Arabian Business Achievement Awards in Saudi Arabia by winning the coveted Lifetime Achievement Award. The award was collected on Mohammed Al Fozan's behalf by son Fahd Al Fozan, an executive vice president at the company.
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The chairman of Riyadh Chambers board, Abdulrahman Al Jeraisy, was on hand to deliver a speech.
14 Mr David Dew - CEO of Sabb bank ( Bank of the year ).jpg
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Bank of the Year: SABB - David Dew, CEO, SAAB.
11 Fracois Bouteiller - CEO of NASAIR ( Aviation Company of the year ).jpg
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Aviation Company of the Year: Nas Air - Francois Bouteiller, CEO of NASAIR.
10 Eng.Mohammed Al Ageel - CEO of BRAVO ( enterprise communication Company of the year ).jpg
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Enterprise Communication Company of the Year: BRAVO Telecom - Eng.Mohammed Al Ageel, CEO of BRAVO.
1 Mohammed Rashed bin Khamis - Ajana for Communication & IT ( Secuirity Informations company of the year ).jpg
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Security Information Company of the Year: Ajana for Communication & IT - Mohammed Rashed Bin Khamis
4 Abdulaziz bo Huleiga - GM AL ghassan R.E ( Commercial Project of the year ).jpg
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Commercial Project of the Year: Al Ghassan Real Estate - Abdulaziz Bu Huleiga, GM, Al Ghassan Real Estate
Arabian Business Saudi Awards 2012 attendees
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The 2012 Arabian Business Saudi Awards included fourteen awards in total, and was attended by the kingdom's finest business figures.
5 Abdullah al Fozan - Chairman of the Investor ( Investment Company of the year ).jpg
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Investment Company of the Year: The Investor Securities - Abdullah al Fozan - Chairman, the Investor Securities.
3 Mohammed Yasine - Manager Central Region Abdulsamad al Qurashi ( Retail Company of the year ).jpg
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Retailer of the Year: Abdulsamad Al Qureshi - Award received by Mohammed Yasine, manager, Central Region.
2 Mohammed Al Hammadi - CEO al hammadi Hospital ( healthcare Company of the year ).jpg
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Healthcare Company of the Year: Al Hammadi Hospital - Mohammed Al Hammadi, CEO Al Hammadi Hospital.
6 Adel Bin sheikh - Executive vice president of Riyad bank ( Retail bank of the year ).jpg
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Retail Bank of the Year: Riyad Bank - Adel Bin Sheikh, executive vice president, Riyad Bank.
8 Eng. Abdullah AL Jardan - CEO of AL Arrab Contracting ( Construction Company of the year ).jpg
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Construction Company of the Year: Al Arrab Contracting - Eng Abdullah Al Jardan, CEO, Al Arrab Contracting.
7 Dr Saleh Al Quom - Corporate Communication Director of AL Yaum newspaper ( media Company of the year ).jpg
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Media Company of the Year: Al Yawm - Dr Saleh Al Quom, corporate communication director, Dar Al Yaum.
9 Eng. Abdulrahim al Tweijri - CEO of MIZAT Dev ( Real Estate Company of the year ).jpg
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Real Estate Company of the Year: Mizat Development - Eng Abdulrahim Al Tweijri, CEO, Mizat Development.
13 Eng. Majed AL Hugail - CEO of Rafal R.E ( Innovation in R.E Development ).jpg
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Innovation in Real Estate Development: Rafal Real Estate - Eng Majed Al Hugail, CEO, Rafal Real Estate.
Arabian Business Saudi Awards 2012
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The winners of this year's Arabian Business Saudi Awards on stage.
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