Bored of your suits? Here is how to style them

Learn how to give your suit extra flair with bespoke tailoring house Knights & Lords
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Men have long suffered limited style options when it comes to suits. Thanks to bespoke tailoring, that is no longer an issue. We speak to UAE bespoke tailoring house Knights&Lords to find out how to style a suit:
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1. Combine classic with modern:\nOpt for a classic double-breasted jacket with light weight fabric and turn up the bottoms of your trousers for a modern look. Pair that with slip-on shoes.
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2. Colour:\nChoose suit jackets in vibrant colours like pink or lime green, but choose a patterned or textured fabric like mid-sized window pane chequered fabrics to keep a masculine look.
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3. Fit and cut:\nTry a shorter double-breasted suit with a drape cut or try a deconstructed suit with semi lining for less formal occasions.
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4. Customisations:\nChoose a contrasting lining colour in your front breast pocket to have it rolled out as a pocket square as an option or have the first button-hole on your sleeve in a different colour complementary to your lining colour.
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5. Accessories:\nMatch your ties and bow ties to your pocket square and fold your square in a way that attracts attention, like a rose fold. You can also try a flamboyant pair of socks or shoe laces that match the shade to your pocket square. Top that off with a hat for extra flair.
Thu 17 Mar 2016 03:44 PM