Challengers to the Burj Dubai's crown

The proposed Mubarak al-Kabir Tower in Kuwait City, Kuwait, will measure 1001 metres when completed. It is expected to take 25 years to build.
Built on the grounds of the World Trade Centre, the Freedom Tower in New York City, US, will stand at 541 metres when completed in 2011.
Russia Tower in Moscow, Russia, is expected to be 610 metres high when it is finished in 2011.
The approved Incheon Tower in Incheon, South Korea, is set to measure 640 metres when it is finished in 2010.
The Chicago Spire in Chicago, US, has been approved for construction and will stand at 610 metres when it is completed in 2010.
The International Business Center in Seoul, South Korea, has been approved and will be 580 metres when construction is finished.
The Lotte Super Tower is an approved skyscraper ready to start construction in Seoul, South Korea. The skyscraper will be 555 metres.
The Port Tower Complex in Karachi, Pakistan, is to be 593 metres tall.