Dubai bus blaze - readers photos

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Smokes billows from the burnt out bus in Bank Street, Dubai on Thursday. Although 50 people were thought to be on board at the time of the incident, no injuries have been reported. (Photo: Nishad Pathak)
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Large crowds of people come out of buildings to see the bus fire drama. (Photo: Nishad Pathak)
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The RTA bus, operating on route 21, was completely gutted by the blaze which started on Khalid Bin Waleed Street, which is more popularly known as Bank Street. (Photo: Nishad Pathak)
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The fire has been blamed on an electrical fault. (Photo: Nishad Pathak)
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Fire engines and ambulance at the scene of the burnt out bus in Bank Street, Dubai. (Photo: Nishad Pathak)
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Firefighters inspect the bus and shelter after the flames have been put out. (Photo: Nishad Pathak)
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The full extent of the damage can clearly be seen and it was fortunate that no-one was hurt in the incident. (Photo: Nishad Pathak)
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One side of Bank Street is full of onlookers trying to get a better view of the fire drama. (Photo: Nishad Pathak)
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A man (in white shirt) gets up close to the bus to take a photo. (Photo: Nishad Pathak)
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Workers take a break from the office to take a look at the burnt out bus in Bank Street, Dubai. (Photo: Nishad Pathak)
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Another view of the damage caused by the flames to the RTA bus. (Photo: Margurite Johns)\n

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