Ex-Barclays chef forfeits $31m bonus

Bob Diamond agrees to give up an additional bonus of up to $31m as pressure from British lawmakers mounts on former Barclays chief in his role in interest-rate rigging scandal
Former Barclays chief executive Bob Diamond will give up bonuses worth $31m after resigning over a rate-rigging scandal. (All images courtesy of Getty Images)
Former CEO will still receive a final pay-off of around $3m.
Barclays Bank chairman Marcus Agius arrives to give evidence to the Treasury Select Committee following the inter-bank lending rate in 2008.
Bob Diamond and Marcus Agius both resigned last week over revelations that Barclays traders attempted to manipulate key inter-bank lending rates.
Barclays was fined £290m last month for the attempted rigging of the Libor inter-bank lending rate and Euribor, its eurozone equivalent.