Fire, ice, and rope climbs: inside the ‘Tough Guy’ race

Thousands muscle up for eight-mile assault course: nearly one-third of starters will fail to finish
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A competitor runs through water during the Tough Guy Challenge endurance race on Janv 29 in Telford, England (All images courtesy of Getty Images)
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Every year thousands of people run the eight-mile assault course, which involves freezing temperatures, fire and ice
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Competitorsare required to crawl through thick mud under yards of barbed wire, hurdle over walls of fire and plunge into a freezing lake
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Around 6000 competitors take part in the challenge every year but up to a third never make it to the finishing line
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The event, first held in 1986, was started by former Grenadier Guardsman Billy Wilson
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The race claims to be the world's most demanding one-day survival ordeal
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Each competitor is required to sign a 'death warrant', clearing the organisers of any legal responsibilities in the event of injury or death
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The assault course features obstacles such as the \nKilling Fields, Battle of the Somme and the Vietcong Torture Chamber
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Competitors must also make it past marshals that throw thunder flashes and smoke bombs over their heads
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This year's race attracted runners from more than 20 countries
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Many of the keenest competitors are said to be from the USA