Five mystic sites to visit in 2017

Ever heard of Australia's Pink Lake?
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Mystic tourism sites - we often forget about them in hopes of getting a relaxing, standard holiday instead. But there are plenty of unusual places that would be exciting to visit while on vacation, such as the Pink Lake in Australia or the Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland. Here are 5 such places recommended by travel booking website
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1. Nazca Lines, Peru

\nA UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Nazca Lines of Peru comprise various patterns resembling of human figures, animals, birds and reptiles etched into desert sands. Nobody knows for sure what the purpose of the figures is or why and how they were made.
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2. Pink Lake, Australia

\nTrue to its name, Pink Lake Hillier in Australia is pink in colour. Until today, it has mystified scientists of the region, who claim its pink colour is due to the presence of high saline content and a dye created by bacteria present in the salt crusts.
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3. Chocolate Hills, Philippines

\nLocated in the Bohol province of Philippines, the Chocolate Hills do not actually bare chocolate. Instead, the hills’ grass roasts to chocolate brown during the dry season (February to July). The site has close to 1776 hill mounds, which were supposedly formed by the uplift of coral deposits and effect of rainwater.
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4. Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia

\nThe world’s largest salt flat situated in southwest of Bolivia was formed after the transformation of several prehistoric lakes rich in high saline content. Because it is extremely flat and large with clear skies, it is a key area to calibrate the altimeters of earth observation satellites.
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5. Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland

\nGiant’s Causeway is a complex geological formation of hexagonal interlocked basalt columns that formed after a volcanic activity and solidifying of molten lava. The place is associated with several Irish and Celtic folklores of giants and mythological figures. Part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site list since 1986, it has been a key tourism region of Northern Ireland.
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