Humphrey Bogart’s ‘African Queen’ boat back in service

American couple spend over $60,000 restoring a 30-foot steamboat used by Humphrey Bogart
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The son of actor Humphrey Bogart will follow in his father's wake by taking a ride on the African Queen to help relaunch the newly restored riverboat that co-starred in the classic movie by that name. (Getty Images)
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Stephen Bogart boarded the 100-year-old steamboat as it plied the waters off the Florida Keys for the first time since undergoing a $60,000 renovation. (Getty Images)
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The steel-hulled steamship used in the movie was built in 1912 at England's Lytham shipyard. It was known as the Livingstone when the British East Africa Rail Company used it to carry cargo and passengers on the Ruki River in what is now the Democratic Republic of the Congo, according to Jim Hendricks Jr., the Florida man whose family trust owns the boat. (Getty Images)
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The boat fell into disrepair after Hendricks Sr.'s death and languished again at a Key Largo marina until a couple who run a nearby charter boat operation, Lance and Suzanne Holmquist, struck a deal with the Hendricks family's African Queen Trust to lease it and fix it up. (Getty Images)
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Lance Holquist (L) captains the 'African Queen' for tourists after it was put back in service recently by he and his wife who restored the boat to its glory when it was used by actors Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn in the 1951 classic movie of the same name. (Getty Images)
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Lance Holquist plans to offer rides from Key Largo aboard the African Queen for about $45.(Getty Images)