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The Ministry of Economy has said inflation in the UAE soared to 11.1 percent last year on the back of rising rental and housing costs. In light of this, Arabian Business takes a look at some of the major extra costs residents in the UAE are facing. (Getty Images)
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Consumers have seen the prices of basic goods rocket in recent months due to the rising cost of imports and shortages in world food supplies. The government has agreed with several major supermarkets to hold some prices at 2007 levels, but rising commodity prices, specially rice and wheat, have families feeling the pinch. Some food prices surged 30 percent in 2007, according to the Emirates Society for Consumer Protection. (Getty Images)
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Smoking is set to become much more expensive in the UAE with the government currently fine-tuning legislation that could see the price of cigarettes double every two years. (Getty Images)
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The cost of water and electricity has also been a point of contention for many residents in the UAE, and especially Dubai. Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (Dewa) in March hiked rates in what it said was an effort to curb excessive water and power usage. The utility needs to invest more than $19 billion to increase electricity capacity by 150 percent by 2012 from 5,000 megawatts and 255 million gallons per day of water. (Getty Images)
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The UAE's love of cars is also under threat as authorities try to cut the number of vehicles on the Emirates' heavily congested roads. In Dubai the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) is planning to price motorists off the road through increasing vehicle registration fees and other schemes. The authority also needs to raise billions of dollars to fund much-needed infrastructure improvements to meet the demands posed by Dubai's booming economy. (Getty Images)
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The RTA is in the process of drastically increasing the number of paid parking areas across the emirate. Commuters and residents have found areas where once they could park for free all day turned into paid parking areas almost overnight. (Getty Images)
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Perhaps the most controversial of the RTA's money-raising schemes, the Salik road toll is aimed at pricing motorists off the emirate's busiest roads in an effort to cut traffic. The RTA has expanded Salik, adding two more gates, one on Al Maktoum Bridge and another on Sheikh Zayed Road under the Al Safa Park Bridge. (Getty Images)
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Consumers are also bracing for the introduction of value added tax (VAT), which could come into force as early as January. Its introduction will see the price of all goods go up and is likely to add to inflationary pressure. (Getty Images)
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Property prices have been the main driver of inflation in the UAE and equally the main bone of contention for the millions of expatriates living in the Gulf state. A huge supply shortfall in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi has seen residential and commercial costs soar. (Getty Images)
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Here Emiratis are seen in front George Pompidou school in Dubai. The cost of education is another sore point with families across the UAE. The cost of school fees has been skyrocketing and has forced some families to split up, with the mother and children returning to their countries of origin because schooling is more affordable. (Getty Images)
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Visa fees are also on the rise. The new visas for one month duration will now cost 500 dirhams instead of 200 dirhams, while the fee will shoot up for a three-month visa to 1,000 dirhams from 700 dirhams. Under the new charges, a visitor visa for six months will be introduced which will cost 2,000 dirhams. (Getty Images)
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