IN PICS: Most wanted gadgets 4

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Recently celebrating its 30th birthday, BMW treated the M1 with a special concept edition, called the BMW M1 Hommage (pictured).
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The Acer Aspire Predator. With a price of $1,499, Acer is clearly not leaving the high-end PC gaming business to Alienware.
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The Sony Walkman NWD E020F. Priced at $69, Sony's popular USB players return with even more colours to dazzle. Available in 1 and 2GB capacities.
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The Samsung F480 phone. Price $599. Everyone wants to beat the iPhone at its own game and nobody more so than Samsung. This one has a full touch screen, 3G features and a terrific camera.
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The OLPC, (One Laptop Per Child) price yet to be announced. The machine that started all the 'netbook' fuss, now everyone is rushing a netbook to the market.
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The Sony C902 Titanium, price to be announced. The official phone James Bond will use in Quantum of Solice, his latest movie.
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The Creative ZEN X-Fi, price $199. Updating the previous Zen with Creative's new X-FI super-audio, higher capacity and nine new buttons, plus wireless support, this is one mean digital player.
Thu 04 Sep 2008 12:05 PM