IN PICS: Virgin and Dubai

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British entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson, who owns the Virgin Group, waves during a photocall on the 'Great Britain Section' of Nakheel's manmade archipelago The World in Dubai on March 29, 2006. Virgin is reportedly in discussions with Dubai International Capital (DIC) to secure funding from the $12 billion wealth fund. (Getty Images)
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Branson holds a model Virgin airplane in front of Dubai's landmark Burj Al-Arab hotel on March 28, 2006, as Virgin Atlantic launched new flights between the oil-rich Gulf emirate and London. (Getty Images)
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Branson arrives at a press conference at the Burj Al Arab on a London Bus on the day of the inaugural Virgin Atlantic flight from London's Heathrow airport arrived at Dubai International Airport. (Getty Images)
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Branson poses with air hostesses as he arrives on the inaugural Virgin Atlantic flight from London to Dubai. (Getty Images)
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Branson poses with belly dancers at the Bab El Shams hotel resort on the day of Virgin Atlantic's inaugural flight from London to Dubai. (Getty Images)
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Tunisian singer Latifa talks to the press during a visit to Virgin Megastore in one of Dubai's Mall of the Emirates to promote her new album 'Ma Truhsh Baeed' (Don't Go Far Away) on October 4, 2003. (Getty Images)
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Virgin Records, part of Branson’s international empire, has a megastore in the Mall of Emirates that has been the stage for many a famous entertainer to launch campaigns. Here, surrounded by the press, Lebanese singer Meriam Fares celebrates the release of her new album distributed by Virgin records in Dubai on March 10, 2004. (Getty Images)
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From its humble beginnings as a record store, Branson has extended his entertainment empire around the world. Seen here with two revelers at the V Festival in Sydney, a festival Branson’s Virgin enterprise sponsored. (Getty Images)
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