Inside Dubai's golden motorhome

Marchi Mobile’s Elemment Palazzo arrives to Dubai in a 24K gold edition
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The 40ft long plush home on wheels provides countless comfort and usability features accented by extravagant design elements.

\n\nThe exterior and interior of the vehicle is done by Jens Scheiwe and Mario Marchi. Cutting-edge elements include an integrated vehicle wash system for vehicle wash on tour, an electronic steering system with unique cockpit designs to choose from and completely insulated construction.
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The master bedroom features a unique light ambience with illuminated wood and marble and electronically controlled ceiling lighting. It also includes a 40-inch TV with slide-up function as well as real stream video surveillance.
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The modern interior incorporates baroque stylistic elements of Austrian-Italian interior architecture and minimalistic shapes. The table and couch are lifted to bar furniture level via the push of a button.
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The entire unit is equipped with complete automatic control warm water, plus a heating system, and is fully air-conditioned.
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The lounge area includes a high-end multi-media system.
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The “Wellness bathroom” comes complete with a rainfall shower.
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The new sky lounge design allows furniture set-up by the push of a button. It is also with integrated with an automatic sunroof, railings, floor heating, water fog system, multi-media, ice-maker and bar.
Thu 13 Jun 2013 08:46 AM