Inside a royal super yacht

Arabian Business is granted access to a 100ft-long super yacht that would set you back $12m
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1) Dubbed ‘the Ferrari’ of the boats at Emirates Palace Marina, this 100ft-long super yacht is a slice of luxury that would set you back $12m.
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2) With top speeds of up to 32 knots, and able to sleep eight people, the yacht can also cater for a group of 20-30 guests.
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3) The comfortable interiors are indicative of the yacht’s luxuriousness.
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4) There is ample space on board for guests to eat, relax and socialise.
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5) The yacht’s lounge area is bigger than many people’s lounge back on dry land.
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6) Stylish interiors are de rigueur throughout the vessel, which is owned by a high profile Abu Dhabi family.
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7) Scheduled to be at the Abu Dhabi grand prix for corporate use, guests will be issued with ear plugs to ensure they can fully relax in the yacht’s sleeping quarters.
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8) You can be assured a sound night’s sleep in the large bedrooms, and it’s clear that storage space is not an issue either, giving guests the freedom to pack as many changes of clothing as they desire.
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9) As you would expect, the WC’s on board are no mere latrines, but fully-stocked bathrooms.
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10) Single beds are also available, with the yacht offering a variety of sleeping arrangements.
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11) The picture of relaxation. Plus guaranteed views if you decide to have a private breakfast.
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12) The long corridors offer another perspective on how spacious the yacht really is.
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13) It is planned for the yacht to be chartered to a client every two weeks.
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14) A view of the en suite facilities in one of the bedrooms.
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15) On deck, why not enjoy a Jacuzzi in between bouts of sunbathing?
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16) There is also plenty of shade from the sun for guest to enjoy the open waters without overheating.
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17) The yacht is able to host dozens of guests, and is often used for events, parties, and private get-togethers.
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18) The yacht has a market rate of AED 10,000 ($2,750) per hour.
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19) Communal seating makes for an enjoyable social experience for whoever has the good fortune to use the yacht.
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20) For the yacht to cover its berthing costs of $68,000 per year, it would need to be chartered for a total of 35 hours per year.
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