Most Powerful Expats in Transportation

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8. (3) James Hogan

CEO, Etihad Airways

Since joining Etihad in 2006, James Hogan has effected a startling transformation in the Abu Dhabi carrier’s fortunes to become one of the world’s leading airlines. The Australian confirmed earlier this year that Etihad will break even in 2011, and will fly to every continent by 2015. (ITP Images)
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10. (9) Tim Clark

As president of Emirates Airline, Tim Clark reports directly to Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum. With the Dubai giant posting its 22nd year of profit this year, as well as submitting multi-billion-dollar orders for yet more widebody jets, that job might well be easier than it sounds. (ITP Images)
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11. (New entry) Yuvraj Narayan

Chief Financial Officer, DP World

The jewel in the Dubai World crown, DP World has performed well amidst a perfect storm of global recession and the collapse of the worldwide shipping industry. That performance has been due in no small part to CFO Yuvraj Narayan, who has more than 23 years’ experience in the ports and international banking sectors. (ITP Images)
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16. (20) Paul Griffiths

CEO, Dubai Airports

Paul Griffiths is the man charged with making sure that by 2030 Dubai is processing 150 million passengers a year, rather than the 40 million it does today. Success will make Dubai far and away the busiest international air hub in the world. The emirate’s launch of Al Maktoum International Airport in June this year has been a big step towards that target. (ITP Images)
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25. (New entry) Bart Vos

As executive vice president of Qatar Airways commercial arm, Dutchman Bart Vos is responsible for the daily running of a thirteen-year-old carrier with 84 aircraft flying to 92 destinations around the world, a number likely to hit more than 100 in 2011.
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28. (New entry) Kenneth Gile

When he was appointed chief operating officer of flydubai in August 2008, captain Kenneth, or ‘Ken’ Gile brought with him over 25 years of experience working in the low-cost aviation industry.

flydubai, Dubai’s first low-cost airline, was established by the Dubai government in March 2008 and made history at the Farnborough Air Show 2008 when it placed an order for 54 Boeing 737-800s, the largest ever such order by a Middle East low-cost carrier.

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30. (New entry) Paul Anderson

Managing director, Serco

Paul Anderson is the Brit charged with operating and maintaining Dubai’s metro. Since opening in September 2009 the Arab world’s first driverless train has carried more than 23 million passengers, and it’s all under Anderson’s watch. In fact, the firm has been so successful that it has just taken over management of the Palm Monorail from Nakheel. (ITP Images)
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38. (New entry) Paul Kinscherff

As the lynchpin between the world’s largest aerospace company and the world’s fastest-growing aerospace region, Paul Kinscherff has the tough task of fulfilling the many and varied wishes of many of the Gulf’s most important leaders. It’s a part he has played well, earning recognition from many of Boeing’s local partners in the region, such as Mubadala.
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