News of the world, Nov 20

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South Korean housewives, among more than 2,000 who gathered for an event sponsored by state officials to help the needy, make kimchi, the traditional pungent vegetable dish on the grounds in front of Seoul City Hall. The Kimchi is a traditional Korean dish of fermented vegetables, usually mixed with chilli. It is commonly eaten with rice or as a accompaniment dish to a main meal. (Getty Images)
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People look at the new Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Spyder during the Los Angeles Auto show in Los Angeles, California. The Los Angeles Auto show will be open to the public November 21-30. (Getty Images)
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Picture is taken in Paris of the Champs Elysees after mayor Bertrand Delanoe and French actress Marion Cotillard, who won an Oscar for best actress in Hollywood, switched on the Christmas floodlights. The lights run from the Arc de Triomphe to La Concorde (2.4km). (Getty Images)
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Commuters make their way to Manhattan by car and cable car across the Queensboro Bridage in New York. New York residents woke up to a cold snap with temperature dropping to below freezing. (Getty Images)
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People line the streets of Wootton Bassett to pay tribute as the hearses carrying two Royal Marines and a Gurkha, whose deaths last week brought the Afghanistan and Iraq toll to 300, have their rear doors in front of the town's war memorial in Wootton Bassett, England. Royal Marines Robert McKibben and Neil Dunstan, both 32, were killed when they were hit by a roadside bomb in the Garmsir district of Southern Helmand, Afghanistan, when they were on a patrol in a new Jackal armoured car. Colour Sergeant Krishnabahadur Dura of the 2nd Battalion The Royal Gurkha Rifles was killed when an explosive device hit the Warrior infantry fighting vehicle he was travelling in. (Getty Images)
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Supporters of the National Sandinista Liberation Front (FSLN) demonstrate in front of the Electoral Supreme Council (CSE) headquarters in Managua. The FSLN is calling for a recount of the votes of the mayoral election and the certification of the Sandinista victory in 106 of the 146 municipalities of the country. (Getty Images)
Thu 20 Nov 2008 10:07 AM