News of the world, Nov 24

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A wintersport fan jumps at the skiing resort at Germany's skiing higest mountain, the Zugspitze, on the opening day of this year's winter season in southern Germany. Four out of a total of nine ski lifts were started today as some 50 centimeters of snow fell, attracting some thousand ski tourists. (Getty Images)
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Lebanese supporters of the Christian Phalange party (Kataeb) raise their arms to salute during a memorial ceremony to mark to second anniversary of the assassination of former industry minister and parliament member Pierre Gemayel (portrait). Gemayel, son of former president Amin Gemayel, was gunned down in a northern Beirut suburb on Nov. 21 on the eve of Lebanon's Independence Day. (Getty Images)
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Palestinian mourners carry the coffin of Mohamed Al-Kurd, 62, a father of an Arab family who was recently evicted from their house in east Jerusalem by the Israeli forces, during his funeral at the Al-Aqsa mosque compound in Jerusalem. Palestinian relatives claim Mohamed Al-Kurd died of sorrow after him and his family were evicted from their east Jerusalem house where they lived for than 50 years. (Getty Images)
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People who have been displaced by violence in the region carry donated food aid near a camp for Internally Displaced People (IDP's) in Kibati, just north of the North Kivu provincial city of Goma. In Geneva, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees expressed growing concern for the safety of 67,000 displaced Congolese outside Goma who have yet to be evacuated to a safer location. The teeming camp is close to the front line dividing rebels from government forces outside Goma, the capital of Nord Kivu province, where the conflict is centred. (Getty Images)
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A support team member provides drinking waters to graduating year 12 school leavers during the Schoolies week celebrations in Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast, Australia. Schoolies is the annual celebration by year 12 students following the culmination of their HSC exams. The celebrations happen in several official locations throughout Australia, but the Gold Coast kicks off the celebrations as the Queensland exams finish ahead of all other states. (Getty Images)
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Venezuelan citizens wait in line to vote to elect governors and mayors, in a densely populated neighborhood in Caracas. (Getty Images)
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