REVEALED: The 25 biggest IPOs ever

In the run-up to Facebook's long-awaited IPO, Arabian Business counts down the most expensive public offerings in corporate history
23 china state construction engineering bloomberg.JPG
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25. China State Construction and Engineering \nOffer date: 07/23/09 \nExchange: Shanghai \nIndustry: Construction \nDeal size: US$7.43bn \n(Image: Bloomberg)
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24. DDI Corporation \nOffer date: 09/03/93 \nExchange: Tokyo Stock Exchange \nIndustry: Technology \nDeal size: US$7.6bn \n(Image: Bloomberg)
21 british gas bloomberg.JPG
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23. British Gas \nOffer date: 12/08/86 \nExchange: London Stock Exchange \nIndustry: Energy \nDeal size: US$7.6bn \n(Image: Bloomberg)
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22. Teliba AB \nOffer date: 06/13/00 \nExchange: OMX Nordic Exchange \nIndustry: Communications \nDeal size: US$7.73bn \n(Image: Bloomberg)
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21. Banader Hotels \nOffer date: 11/20/05 \nExchange: Bahrain Stock Exchange \nIndustry: Hospitality \nDeal size: US$7.96bn \n(Image for illustrative purposes only)
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20. VTB Bank \nOffer date: 05/10/07 \nExchange: London Stock Exchange \nIndustry: Finance \nDeal size: US$7.99bn \n(Image: Bloomberg)
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19. Water Holding Company \nOffer date: 11/22/89 \nExchange: London Stock Exchange \nIndustry: Utilities \nDeal size: US$8.2bn (Photo by Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images)
16 edf bloomberg.JPG
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18. EDF \nOffer date: 11/18/05 \nExchange: Euronext/Paris \nIndustry: Energy \nDeal size: US$8.33bn \n(Image: Bloomberg)
15 kraft foods bloomberg.JPG
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17. Kraft Foods \nOffer date: 06/12/01\nExchange: New York Stock Exchange \nIndustry: Retail \nDeal size: US$8.68bn \n(Image: Bloomberg)
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16. China Construction Bank \nOffer date: 10/20/05 \nExchange: Hong Kong/Shanghai \nIndustry: Finance \nDeal size: US$9.23bn \n(Image: Bloomberg)
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15. Japan Tobacco Inc \nOffer date: 10/27/94 \nExchange: Tokyo Stock Exchange \nIndustry: Retail \nDeal size: US$9.56bn \n(Image: Bloomberg)
12 glencore international bloomberg.JPG
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14. Glencore International \nOffer date: 05/19/11 \nExchange: London Stock Exchange/Hong Kong Stock Exchange \nIndustry: Resources \nDeal size: US$10.32 \n(Image: Bloomberg)
11 rosneft bloomberg.JPG
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13. Rosneft Oil Company\nOffer date: 07/13/06 \nExchange: Russian Trading System \nIndustry: Energy \nDeal size: US$10.42bn \n(Image: Bloomberg)
10 at&t bloomberg.JPG
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12. AT&T Wireless \nOffer date: 04/26/00 \nExchange: New York Stock Exchange \nIndustry: Communications \nDeal size: US$10.62bn \n(Image: Bloomberg)
9 Dai-ichi Mutual Life bloomberg.JPG
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11. Dai-ichi Mutual Life Insurance \nOffer date: 03/23/10 \nExchange: Tokyo Stock Exchange \nIndustry: Finance \nDeal size: US$10.99bn \n(Image: Bloomberg)
8 bank of china bloomberg.JPG
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10. Bank of China \nOffer date: 05/24/06 \nExchange: Hong Kong Stock Exchange/Shanghai Stock Exchange \nIndustry: Finance \nDeal size: US$11.19bn \n(Image: Bloomberg)
7 deutsche telekom bloomberg.JPG
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9. Deutsche Telekom \nOffer date:11/17/96 \nExchange: New York Stock Exchange \nIndustry: Communications \nDeal size: US$13.03bn \n(Image: Bloomberg)
6 NTT bloomberg.JPG
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8. NTT \nOffer date: 02/09/87 \nExchange: Tokyo Stock Exchange \nIndustry: Communications \nDeal size: US$15.3bn \n(Image: Bloomberg)
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7. General Motors \nOffer date: 11/17/10 \nExchange: New York Stock Exchange \nIndustry: Automotive \nDeal size: US$15.8bn \n(Image: Bloomberg)
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6. ENEL SpA \nOffer date: 11/01/99 \nExchange: New York Stock Exchange \nIndustry: Energy \nDeal size: US$16.45bn \n(Image: Bloomberg)
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5. AIA \nOffer date: 10/21/10 \nExchange: Hong Kong Stock Exchange \nIndustry: Finance \nDeal size: US$17.82bn \n(Image: Bloomberg)
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4. Visa \nOffer date: 03/18/08 \nExchange: New York Stock Exchange \nIndustry: Finance \nDeal size: US$17.86bn
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3. NTT Mobile \nOffer date: 10/22/98 \nExchange: Tokyo Stock Exchange \nIndustry: Communications \nDeal size: US$18.1bn \n(Image: Bloomberg)
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2. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China \nOffer date: 10/20/06 \nExchange: Hong Kong Stock Exchange/Shanghai Stock Exchange \nIndustry: Finance \nDeal size: US$19.09bn \n(Image: Bloomberg)
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1. Agricultural Bank of China \nOffer date: 07/07/10 \nExchange: Hong Kong Stock Exchange/Shanghai Stock Exchange \nIndustry: Finance \nDeal size: US$19.23bn \n(Image: Bloomberg)