Revealed: The Arab hijabi bloggers proving fashion knows no boundaries

Six women taking conservative style to another level
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The religious covering worn by Muslim women in public, otherwise known as hijab, has long been the topic of controversy in the Arab world as well as Europe and the US. Many argue that the veil is a symbol of oppression and control, whereas others see it as an icon of modesty and faith. But while the world remains divided on the topic, these six hijabi bloggers make a bigger point: fashion is universal. Check out their effortless, fearless and timeless hijabi fashion sense:\n
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Palestinian American fashion blogger Heba Jay likes to pair her hijab with the latest trends. We’re talking fur scarves, leopard prints and even high boots. Followers: 155k\n
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There’s no reason hijab and fashion can’t go hand in hand, according to Dina Torkia. The Egyptian British blogger has a diverse and fearless sense of style. Followers: 1.1m\n
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If we had to choose two words that describe Dalal Al Doub’s conservative style, it would be classy and feminine. The Kuwaiti blogger is not afraid to sport bright colours and patterns, but sticks mostly to a calm and sophisticated colour palette. Followers: 2m\n
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Ascia AKF believes in modern hijab. An American Kuwaiti blogger, she prefers effortless looks but still manages to portray a high-end feel. Followers: 2m\n
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Summer Al Barcha’s style is simple, but all about the details. Keeping her hijab simple, the Syrian American pairs it with eye-catching pieces such as metallic bags or sunnies. Followers: 365k\n
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Founder of Haute Hijab Melanie Elturk believes conservative style can be creative too. The US-based Lebanese Filipino hates herself in black hijabs and would rather opt for colourful and patterned ones. Followers: 144k\n
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By Lubna Hamdan