REVEALED: Dubai's most luxurious hotel floor

14th floor of Raffles Dubai offers over 2,000 sq m of accommodation, entertainment, meeting rooms and more
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Raffles Hotel has opened what is believe to be Dubai’s ‘most luxurious hotel floor’. The Dubai Floor, on level 14 of the hotel in Wafi, offers customers more than 2,000 square meters of accommodation, entertainment, meeting rooms and more.
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Spacious, comfortable, and with incredible views, this suite is the perfect place to do business.
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Luxurious meal times are de rigueur on the Dubai Floor, as this sumptuous dining room shows.
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Middle Eastern and Asian décor dominates the floor, with top range linens, Arabic scents, and personal touches such as a private butler.
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The view outside is just as good, with panoramic views of Dubai’s famous skyline.
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Unwinding on the Dubai Floor must surely be easy with surrounding such as this.
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There is even a private cinema, where family, friends, colleagues or business associates can watch a variety of movies.
Thu 02 May 2013 01:06 PM