Revealed: Inside the Galactica Star superyacht

Heesen Yachts is set to showcase the 65 metre luxury yacht in Monaco this month
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At this year’s Monaco Yacht show, which takes place from the September 25-28, Heesen will be showcasing the Galactica Star, a revolutionary 65 metre luxury yacht.
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The Galactica Star is the first ever yacht to use the revolutionary Fast Displacement Hull Form (FDHF) which is 30 percent more efficient compared to a traditional displacement hull.
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The all-aluminum FDHF motor yacht exceeded the top speed demanded contractually by a full two knots during her sea trials in the North Sea.
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The prestigious luxury yacht also moved very smoothly through the water during its sea trials and proved to be extremely maneuverable.
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Heesen Yachts is the first shipyard to build a yacht which features this innovative hull configuration and uses aluminum for both hull and superstructure. Here in the UAE, Heesen Yachts are sold by Al-Futtaim Marine.
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This FDHF is a platform for creating a new generation of luxury yachts in which increased performance and reduced environmental impact begin with the hull design.
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When at high speeds, in comparison with traditional semi-displacement hulls, the Galactica Star has a low wave profile over the entire speed range which demonstrates that her motion through the water creates low resistance.
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The superyacht is designed to reach top speed of 27 knots, a 20 knots cruising speed and a 4.200 nautical mile range which provides top performance for length, combined with Dutch custom-built luxury.
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She exceeded the top speed demanded by contract (27 knots) and reached a remarkable average top speed (at half load) of 28.8 knots.
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The FDHF was jointly developed with Van Oossanen Naval Architects and Heesen’s expertise in weight reduction.
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When combined with a pair of MTU 20V4000M93L engines (each developing 4.300kW at 2.100 rpm) Galactica Star will be able reach top speeds at a very economical fuel burn levels and its particularly long range of 4.200Nm at 14 knots.
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A 30 percent increase in hull efficiency means 20 percent less power is required throughout the speed spectrum – and less power used means less fuel used.
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This provides a positive impact on the cost of running the yacht, as well as lowering the environmental footprint due to reduced engine emissions.
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Guests’ comfort while on board is further guaranteed by a total of five Sea Keeper gyro stabilisers.
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Outdoor space includes a 20 metre sundeck, and a duplex beach club that occupies 25 per cent of the main and lower decks.
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Situated on the lower deck of the duplex beach club are a sauna, hammam, shower room and day head as well as a fully equipped bar.
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The supeyacht boasts a 10 square metre side balcony located on the port side, and a 22 square metre swimming platform.
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A large sunbathing area on the foredeck can be transformed into a touch and go heli-pad.
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Up to 12 guests sleep in custom-built interiors that include a full-beam master suite with private balcony, and a VIP on the upper deck.
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She is also capable of carrying up to 13 crew onboard to ensure a relaxed luxury yacht experience.
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Another interesting feature to note is the glass bottom of the swimming pool located on the main deck.
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The pool allows the natural light to glimmer through the water to the bar area beneath.
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The tender garages, with gull-wing doors, can also be found beneath the foredeck.
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Award-winning designers have been appointed by the owners for this project.
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Frank Laupman at Omega Architects is responsible for the streamlined exterior lines.
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The design clearly shows the Heesen bloodline, but fused with the appearance of a racing car.
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Bannenberg and Rowell Design have created the sophisticated interior that complements the sleek exterior design.
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