REVEALED: World cities with most billionaires

Dubai ranks 18th in global list which is topped by New York, Moscow and London
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Wealth Insight has released its world city millionaire and billionaire rankings. Top of the billionaires list is New York City, with a total of 70 billionaires, including this man, David Koch, who has an estimated wealth of $34bn.
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Second on the list is Moscow, home to Alisher Usmanov who is one of 64 billionaires living in the city.
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London in the UK has 54 billionaires living within it, including Virgin founder Richard Branson.
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Li Ka-Shing is one of 40 billionaires in Hong Kong – fourth in the top 20 list.
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Beijing comes fifth on the list, with 29 billionaires. Founder and CEO of Baidu, Robin Li, among its residents.
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Chairman of Reliance Industries, Mukesh Ambani, is one of 26 billionaires living in Mumbai.
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Istanbul is ranked seventh, with 24 billionaires, including media mogul Aydin Dogan.
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Guo Guangchang is one of 23 billionaires in Shanghai, the city with the eighth most billionaires in the world.
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Paris is ninth on the list with 22 billionaires, including CEO of luxury goods maker LVMH, Bernard Arnault.
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Nineteen billionaires live in Los Angeles, one of who is Patrick Sonn-Shiong.
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Chairman and president of BYD Company is one of 19 billionaires in Shenzhen, which is the city with the eleventh most billionaires.
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The USA dominated the list, with six of its cities ranking in the top 20. One of these American cities is Chicago, home to hotels billionaire Penny Pritzker.
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Robert Ng and his brother Philip are among the thirteen billionaires living in Singapore, which ranks at number thirteen.
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Tokyo in Japan is the city with the fourteenth highest number of billionaires, with Tadashi Yanai among the twelve living there.
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Internet billionaire Ma Huateng is one of Guangzhou’s twelve billionaires.
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Sixteenth on the list is San Francisco, with eleven billionaire including co-founder of clothes shop Gap, Doris Fisher.
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Another American city, Dallas, ranks seventeenth, with banking and real estate billionaire among its residents.
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Dubai comes eighteenth in the top 20, with eleven billionaires, including Majid Al Futtaim.
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Houston, Texas is America’s sixth and final city in the top 20. One of its ten billionaires is chairman and CEO of Kinder Morgan, Richard Kinder.
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Sao Paulo completes the top 20 of cities with the most billionaires, with ten living within its boundaries including Brazil’s richest man, Jorge Paulo Lemann.