Revealed: Worlds most fashionable cities

Over the course of three years, 250,000 blogs, print outlets, and social media channels were analysed to determine the results
8 Hong Kong.jpg
20. Hong Kong (-8) - Down another eight spots this year but still a strong global presence.
Miami, Florida.jpg
19. Miami (+20) - Miami is, indeed, more than swimwear; and the fashion world apparently recognizes it.
18. Singapore (+1) - Basically standing in place (and a good place to stand) but now trailing both Shanghai and Tokyo.
17. Moscow (+18) - Apparently a rising tide does, indeed, raise all ships as Moscow comes back strong from 2012.
St Petersburg, Russia.jpg
16. St. Petersburg (+35) - Russian comes into 2014 with two Fashion Capitals in the Top Twenty, with Petrograd surprising Moscow.
Sao Paulo.jpg
15. Sao Paulo (-8) - Again, the Queen of Latin American Fashion Capitals.
14. Madrid (-9) - Still strong in 2013, further cementing its place among the elite Fashion Capitals.
13. Florence (+3) - Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and Botticelli — A proud heritage to a thriving fashion industry in 2013.
12. Milano (-4) - Milan was the Top Global Fashion Capital back in 2009 and remains a strong contender for the top spot year-after-year.
11. Tokyo (+9) - Tokyo made a leap in 2013 that many consider long overdue.
Shanghai, China.jpg
10. Shanghai (+12) - As China further emerges onto the world stage, Shanghai leads the fashion charge.
9. Antwerp (+2) - Ah Antwerp, reverberations of the avant garde Antwerp Six continues into the 21st century.
11 Australia.jpg
8. Sydney (+7) - Sydney towers over OZ distancing (and distinguishing) itself, once again, from Melbourne.
7. Berlin (+3) - Berlin continues its steady rise moving deeper into the the elite ranks.
6. Rome (0) - Rome may have Seven Hills but Italy now has Three Fashion Capitals (and Milan is No. 2).
5. Barcelona (-2) - Espana, again, places two Fashion Capitals in the Top Fifteen. Barcelona also wins the Top Fashion Capital for Swimwear.
Los Angeles, USA.jpg
4. Los Angeles (+5) - Zut alors! Tinsel Town in the Top Four? The result of the melding of the Red Carpet, the Industry (film, of course), and West Coast cool.
3. London (-2) - London has enjoyed a fabulous two-year run and is now secure in its place in the top echelon for global fashion.
2. Paris (+2) - The Top Global Fashion Capital for Haute Couture is surprisingly strong in pret-a-porter, also.
1. New York (+1) - The Big Apple is back on top of the fashion world by slipping past Paris by .5%.
Thu 06 Feb 2014 09:12 AM