REVEALED: World's ten most innovative brands

Booz & Company study counts down the company's that are putting innovation at their core
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10. \nPercentage of respondents: 6.3 percent \n2011 R&D spend: US$2.9bn \n2011 revenue: US$48.1bn
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9. Procter & Gamble \nPercentage of respondents: 7.7 percent \n2011 R&D spend: US$2bn \n2011 revenue: US$82.6bn
8. IBM \nPercentage of respondents: 7.7 percent \n2011 R&D spend: US$6.3bn \n2011 revenue: US$106.9bn
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7. Toyota \nPercentage of respondents: 9.3 percent \n2011 R&D spend: US$9.9bn \n2011 revenue: US$235.5bn
6. Microsoft \nPercentage of respondents: 10.7 percent \n2011 R&D spend: US$9bn \n2011 revenue: US$69.9bn
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5. General Electric \nPercentage of respondents: 11.4 percent \n2011 R&D spend: US$4.6bn \n2011 revenue: US$142.2bn
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4. Samsung \nPercentage of respondents: 14.9 percent \n2011 R&D spend: US$9bn \n2011 revenue: US$149bn
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3. 3M \nPercentage of respondents: 15.2 percent \n2011 R&D spend: US$1.6bn \n2011 revenue: US$29.6bn
2. Google \nPercentage of respondents: 43.1 percent \n2011 R&D spend: US$5.2bn \n2011 revenue: US$37.9bn
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1. Apple \nPercentage of respondents: 79.8 percent \n2011 R&D spend: US$2.4bn \n2011 revenue: US$108.2bn