Sotheby’s to hold ‘Arts of the Islamic World’ exhibition in Doha

Sotheby’s will be displaying 23 precious objects exemplifying the artistic traditions of the Muslim world in Doha’s Katara Cultural Village, building 19, from 12-14 September
1. Calligraphic Wood.jpg
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The selection that will be on view in Doha has been chosen from a total of 281 pieces, such as the pair of Calligraphic wood roundels above.
2. A Diamond-set enamelled gold Pandan Box_4.jpg
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Highlights that will be on view at the exhibition include a solid gold diamond-set enameled pandan box and tray dating from the 18th century, estimated at $313,000 - $470,000.
3. Portrait of Rustam Khan Zand.jpg
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A portrait of Rustam Khan Zand, signed by Muhammad Sadiq, Persia, Zand, Shiraz, circa 1779. This exceptional portrait is unusual and rare. It is an exemplary portrayal of the classic Persian ideal of youthful masculine beauty. The painting effectively displays the artist Muhammad Sadiq’s revolutionary style. The 148 by 89cm oil on canvas, framed artwork is estimated at $470,000 - $783,500.
4. Constantinople view.jpg
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The Fall of Constantinople, painted in Italy, is probably the earliest known artistic depiction of Constantinople showing the city falling to the Ottoman army under Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror. It is said to be from the late 15th to early 16th Century and is estimated at $282,000 – $345,000.
5. A Tipu Sultan sword-2.jpg
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This 18th-century sword with a tiger-head pommel was captured from Tipu Sultan’s fortress at Seringapatam, Mysore, in 1799, and is estimated at $126,000-188,000.
6. miniture painting.jpg
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The exquisite pieces will be on display as part of the “Arts of Islamic World” and “Art of Imperial India” auction that will take place in Sotheby’s New Bond Street in London on 9 October.
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