Stars buy into Dubai

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From Bollywood to Hollywood, Grand Prixs to Wembley Stadium, celebrities from the world's of cinema, music, sport and business are reported to have bought property in Dubai, fast becoming a hot spot for A-list celebrities seeking sand, sun and privacy. The very latest are Bollywood's premier celebrity couple, Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai, who were in Dubai in this weekend to celebrate buying a new villa in the exclusive Sanctuary Falls development built by Shaikh Holdings. looks at some of the other celebs that have, or are rumoured to have, snapped up real estate in the emirate. (Getty Images)
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The Bollywood couple are not the latest to come from Mumbai to buy in Dubai. In November last year, Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan was reported to have been given a property on the Palm Jumeirah, one of three palm-shaped islands being built off the emirate's coast. His wife Gauri Khan the following month came to Dubai to begin decorating the property, which the couple are set to move into this year. (Getty Images)
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Moving from Bollywood to Hollywood, the A-list couple dubbed 'Brangelina', Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, were reported in November to have bought their own private island on Nakheel's manmade archipelago The World. It was reported that the film stars had bought the 'Ethiopia' island with a view to turning it into a showpiece for environmental issues in the hope that it will encourage people to live a `greener life`. (Getty Images)
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From the world of music, it was reported in December that US pop superstar Justin Timberlake had bought land in the UAE on which to build his `dream home` following his concert in the capital Abu Dhabi. Speaking about the Emirates, Timberlake at the time said: `It's a really amazing culture. I got to watch the sunset last night and that was just incredible. I love it really. So I bought some land.` (Getty Images)
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British pop singer Rod Stewart had reportedly spent $33 million to buy the 'Great Britain' island on The World, one of several rich Brits to have been linked with the island. (Getty Images)
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In March 2006, British entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson planted the Union Jack flag and ceremoniously 'staked his claim' on Great Britain on The World to celebrating the debut of Virgin Atlantic's direct flights between the UK and Dubai. He was subsequently reported to have bought another island on The World, after it was reported that Rod Stewart had bought Great Britain. (Getty Images)
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From the world of sport, it was reported in April that England football star David Beckham had given his $16 million mansion on the Palm Jumeirah to the parents of his former pop singer wife Victoria. Beckham purchased the luxury after a visit to the emirate before the football World Cup in 2002. (Getty Images)
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From the world of motorracing, it was reported in October 2006 that seven-times Formula One racing champion Michael Schumacher had been given an island on The World as a gift for his exploits on the racetrack. (Getty Images)
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