Time Out Doha Restaurant Awards: Winners

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Martin Foltin and Damsin Joseph\nSpice Market - Restaurant of the year Winner
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Yucel Eltutan, Suranga Sampath and Amena Tena\nAl Jalsa, Sharq Village & Spa - Winner for Best Café
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Pierre Antoine\nThe Cellar - Winner for Best Bar Food
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Jurger Lepping, Robin Hanksmt and Senerath\nRuby Wu's - Winner for Best Chinese
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Sara Chakri and Miguel Nelo\nLatino - Winner for Best Latin American
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Nacy Lam and Huly Apasin\nLa Mer - Winner for Best Romantic
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Jonathan and Sp.tcri\nAroma - Winner for Best Contemporary European
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Ashley Abernathy and Sean Burnside\nRic's Kountry Kitchen - Winner for Best Budget Eat
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Panagiatis Tsiknas\nMykonos - Winner for Best Family Restaurant
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Jurger Lepping, Robin Hanksmt and Senerath\nSakura - Winner for Best Japanese
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Nadi Fanous and Chef Sonali\nL'Wzaar - Winner for Best Seafood
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Katia Acaf, Mohammed Alayan, Khaled Breich and Wassef Malaeb\nLayali - Winner for Best Middle Eastern
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Martin Foltin and Damsin Joseph\nSpice Market - Winner for Best South East Asian
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Stephan gees Raprin and Rodrigo Martinez\nMarket by Jean-Georges - Winner for Best Business Lunch
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Souhail and Nihal\nIl Teatro - Winner for Best Italian
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Perya Dragoni\nThe Grill - Winner for Best Brunch
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Reinhard\nJW's Steakhouse - Winner for Best Steakhouse
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Toni and Issa\nSaffron Lounge - Winner for Best Indian