Tom Cruise unveils Mission Impossible 4 in Dubai's Burj

Cruise and his co-stars wowed the press on the 124th floor of the Burj Khalifa, ahead of film's launch
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Actor Tom Cruise attends the 'Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol' press conference during the 8th Annual Dubai International Film Festival (Getty Images)
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Actress Paula Patton and actor Tom Cruise (Getty Images)
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Cruise believes Dubai could attract a slew of Hollywood filmmakers and actors after the success of his most recent film (Getty Images)
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The Top Gun actor, who also produced the action flick, said he had a fantastic experience filming in Dubai and said many of his Hollywood contacts had shown interest in the city (Getty Images)
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Much of the footage in the fourth installment of the Mission Impossible series, which is set to make its world premiere at the Dubai Film Festival tonight, is shot against a backdrop of Dubai (Getty Images)
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Cruise plays intelligence agent Ethan Hunt in a plot that sees him and a small group of colleagues seek to avert a nuclear war (Getty Images)
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Their search brings them to Dubai where Hunt performs death-defying stunts hanging from the outside of the emirate’s Burj Khalifa(Getty Images)
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The images were captured by tourists on the tower’s observation deck, who snapped the star practicing the tower climb ahead of the movie shoot (Getty Images)
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Cruise, who is in town this week to promote the movie, along with co-stars Simon Pegg, Paula Patton and Anil Kapoor, said the stunts required a lot of preparation (Getty Images)
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Actors Tom Cruise, Paula Patton, director Brad Bird and actors Simon Pegg and Anil Kapoor attend a photocall (Getty Images)
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Cruise’s wife Katie Holmes and his daughter Suri came to watch his stunts in person, the media heard (Getty Images)
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The Hollywood action blockbuster also featured three days of filming at Dubai’s Jumeirah Zabeel Saray on the Palm Jumeirah (Getty Images)
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The hotel was cast as the luxury Mumbai home of Indian millionaire Brij Nath, played by Bollywood superstar Anil Kapoor (Getty Images)
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The scenes featured hundreds of people from the UAE, who were cast as extras in the film (Getty Images)
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Producer Bryan Burk, actor Tom Cruise, director Brad Bird and actors Paula Patton, Anil Kapoor and Simon Pegg (Getty Images)
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Brad Bird, director of the movie, said Dubai and the Burj Khalifa had been shown in a new light in the film (Getty Images)
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The filming included shots from helicopters as well as scenes taken from the building itself (Getty Images)
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Cameramen broke 127 windows to allow them to place equipment outside the building and shoot Cruise climbing its exterior (Getty Images)
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Actors Tom Cruise, Simon Pegg and Anil Kapoor (Getty Images)
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The press conference was held on the 124th floor of the Burj Khalifa on Dec 7 (Getty Images)
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