Top 10 skylines in the world

Arabian Business brings you a list of the most recognisable cities on the planet
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10. Chicago was a pioneer of the skyscraper skyline and with the 442m Willis Tower (the world's former tallest building) among its attractions, it remains one of the world's most distinctive cityscapes.
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9. While Tokyo's skyline may lack the distinctive quality of other world cities, the most populous city in the world makes up for this in sheer volume with a towering urban sprawl that fills the eye and is backdropped by the beautifully looming Mount Fuji.
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8. One of the world's most visited cities, Bangkok is famed for its nightlife and has a cityscape to match. (Image:
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7. Singapore's new Marina Bay Casino towers have given a fresh look to what was already one of the world's most impressive cityscapes.
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6. A very recent addition to the league of eye-catching world skylines, Chongqing has risen spectacularly on the banks of the winding Jialing River and particularly catches the eye as night falls. (Image:
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5. Something about the composition of the Sydney Opera House's stacked, curvaceous triangles against the rectangular backdrop of its skyscrapers, set alongside the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the waterway itself, keep this skyline among the world's most attractive.
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4. With the world's tallest (and one of its most elegant) buildings, Dubai's skyline has become world renowned - yet could have been even more spectacular if the Marina end of the city wasn't so far removed from Downtown.
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3. An historical trading centre of the Far East, Shanghai has seen its skyline transformed as China has boomed economically, with the bulbous Oriental Pearl Tower helping to make the city one of the most distinctive in the world.
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2. While other cities around the world can now boast much taller buildings than New York, it is perhaps the place where the modern concept of the cityscape was first realised. Instantly recognisable due to its Hollywood ubiquity, the city has an unmistakable character and the sight of it can still inspire awe when Manhatten is approached over one of New York's many great bridges.
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1. Boasting more towers than any other city in the world, Hong Kong's cityscape benefits from the confined space in which the city has had to build, as well as its breathtaking natural juxtaposition with the hills at its back and the scores of islands which dot the bay that stretches before it.(Image:
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