US Navy sued to protect whales, dolphins from sonar

Lawsuit alleges use of sonar blasts in naval training behind unusual death of marine animals
A person inside an underwater viewing pod in the hull of a catamaran watches bottlenose dolphins off the southern California coast (All images courtesy of Getty Images)
A coalition of conservation groups and American Indian Tribes is calling for greater protection of dolphins, whales, and other migrating marine animals from the use of sonar in training by the US Navy on the West Coast
The groups include Earthjustice, several tribes, and the Natural Resources Defense Council
Environmental groups argue that mid-frequency sonar alters the behaviour of sound-sensitive marine life and, in some cases, causes fatal results
The US Navy uses federal waters for submarine warfare training, surface-to-air missile practice, and other forms of testing
Environmental groups began challenging the military's practices in the Southern California region about 15 years ago
In 2010, National Marine Fisheries Service gave the Navy a permit for five years of expanded naval activity that the groups said will harm or “take” marine mammals and other sealife
The permit allows the Navy to conduct increased training exercises that can harm marine mammals