Want to rent a village? Yours for just $60,000

The offer by cash strapped European authorities has attracted interest from Arab companies
Alpach, located 135km from Munich, is boasts awards such as “Most Beautiful Village in Austria” and “Most Beautiful Flower Village in Europe”.
Brand is located in the Eastern Austrian Alps and 270km from Munich. This was the first village to offer itself for rental and is the most popular.
Braulage is a German spa village 253km from Berlin and is situated in a nature reserve and reached by cable car.
Deidesheim is described as a sunshine resort and is located 110km from the German city of Frankfurt.
engelberg view.jpg
Engleberg is located 1,050m above sea level and 105km from Zurich. The Swiss village’s main attraction is a picturesque Benedictine abbey.
Godegg is located in the middle of the Austrian region of Salzburg and contains a castle and a paint academy.
Pertisau is an Austrian village on the edge of a lake, where a steamship in operation since 1887.
Mariazell, in Austria, contains its own conference hall, which can accommodate up to 1,200 people.
Mondsee is 35km from Salzburg and the Austrian village was the setting for scenes from ‘The Sound of Music’.