World's largest airship

The Airship Ventures zeppelin is seen in flight over Moffet Field Oct. 27 in Mountain View, California. The Airship Ventures zeppelin is the world's largest airship at 246 feet long and one of three zeppelins in the world. (Getty Images)
Airship Ventures zeppelin pilots Katharine Board (L) and Fritz Gunther (R) fly the airship over Moffet Field in Mountain View. (Getty Images)
Alexandra Hall, CEO of Airship Ventures, smiles as she rides in the company's zeppelin over Moffet Field. (Getty Images)
Passengers aboard the Airship Ventures zeppelin look out large windows as the the airship flies over Moffet Field. (Getty Images)
Airship Ventures zeppelin pilot Katharine Board flies the airship over Moffet Field. (Getty Images)
A man looks on as the Airship Ventures zeppelin comes in for a landing at Moffet Field. (Getty Images)
Crew members of the Airship Ventures zeppelin look on as the ship prepares to land at Moffet Field. (Getty Images)
Tue 28 Oct 2008 10:37 AM