World's tallest tower plan revealed

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Dubai developer Nakheel is to build a tower that is more than a kilometer high, as part of a multi billion dollar project that will include the world’s first inner city harbour. (Supplied)
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The new tower, pictured, will be taller than Emaar Properties' Burj Dubai, currently the tallest man made structure in the world, which is expected to be up to 900 metres tall upon completion in early 2009. (Supplied)
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The Nakheel Harbour & Tower, which will be funded through a combination of private land sales and other project financing. (Supplied)
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The development, located at the intersection of Sheikh Zayed Road and the Arabian Canal, will cover an area of more than 270 hectares and become home to more than 55,000 people. (Supplied)
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The project will take more than 10 years to complete, but with some stages coming on line much earlier. (Supplied)\n

It will include 19,000 residential apartments, ranging from affordable family homes to exclusive penthouses. (Supplied)
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High speed shuttle lifts will enable visitors to see the sunset twice; from the bottom and again from the top of the tower. (Supplied)
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An overall view of the development site planned by Nakheel which will include the world's tallest building. (Supplied)
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This diagram shows how much taller Nakheel's proposed tower will be compared to other contenders around the world. (Supplied)
Sun 05 Oct 2008 03:52 PM GST
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