Plan unveiled to tow icebergs from Antarctica to Fujairah coast

National Advisor Bureau Limited says project will help to restore biodiversity, act as unique tourist attraction

Baiju Jaffar

It is said that, most probably the reason for next world war will be "water", if some one starts towing-off/harvest icebergs, then one by one all other countries will start to do the same.....what will be next??? is this the beginning??


Start small and progress. You would hate to burn up all that fuel getting it up here and then end up with an ice cube at the Musandam.


Is this legal??? It should not be allowed to disturb ecosystems and mess with nature. How will this effect Antarctica and the wildlife there who depends on ice to survive!

Pankaj Shah

They are going to harvest the icebergs , AFTER they have broken off from the ice cap in Antarctica , and Naturally drifted 3000 kms. away. So Antartica wild life is not affected negatively in any way by harvesting the icebergs.

The icebergs, free floating in international waters will only melt away uselessly. Brought here , they will provide clean drinking water and save the environment by reducing the consumption of fossil fuels like oil for converting Sea water to potable water - which is being done here in Dubai.

Its a WIN WIN situation and must be encouraged.


@ Vanessa - Depends if they take the ice from any other countries' territorial waters or not I would suspect - Antartica is divided up between UK, Chile, Argentina, Australia, NZ, France and Norway; there is an unclaimed bit and I presume if they take their ice from there it is legal? Otherwise they buy it from one of the above 7?


@Eric, Do the math. I used it for an interview (back of the envelope calculations, orders of magnitude) If feasible (I ignored legal and technical aspects ) the cost, after taking into account fuel and losses, would be 10-30% of desalination
@Ali, do you think that desalination in the scale going on here is not messing with nature? It raises the salinity of the coastal waters to unsustainable levels. On one hand you get drinking water, on the other you get brine, brine goes back to the sea essentially
@Vanessa legal aspects are interesting. I guess this would be similar to mining rights?


dangerous move, missing with nature will not doubt have disastrous outcome.

One Guy

Sounds cool.

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