Posted: Sunday, 23 December 2012

Tags: - Real Estate - Saudi Arabia

Country: Saudi Arabia

Industry Sector: Real Estate


Zaahib® Inc LLC, has received approval from the Saudi Arabia Ministry of Commerce & Industry, to commence its business in Saudi Arabia, according to Zaahib® CEO, Mr. Waleed Alrashoud.

Mr. Alrashoud has stated that as eMarketing has become a corner stone in today's world, will be a leading provider in Saudi Arabia, reaching its customers with an innovative set of added-value services, including map-based search for properties, and smart property management tools.

Zaahib will be providing these services via their website:, enabling customers to find the best properties that match their preferences, with state-of-art technologies. Zaahib®, specializing in eMarketing, provides its free premium real-estate and property listing services for the Saudi Arabia market, the second largest real-estate market in the world.

These services, according to Mr. Alrashoud, covers all different types of properties including, apartments, villas, traditional houses, buildings, offices, and chalets, whether they are for rent or for sale.