Prince Alwaleed the world's most powerful Arab

Morkata Jalata

Is Mo Farah an Arab? He is a Somali and British Citizen


I don't understand why you are annoyed with the list ... it gives many of us motivation .. these are our role models and should be respected for what they did and continue to do


Who cares.......the most powerfull Arab is this NEWS


Totally agree with 'Baiju' & 'Jay'!!!
What is the point in publishing all these glorified list..,
How does this enrich our life?
'The Prince' got upset with Forbes for not recognizing his version of the wealth.., thus power...,
Frankly! who cares? Let's have some news with substance not just hollow, baseless and unverified list of blah, blah, blah..,


Reply to Faisal (How does this enrich our life?)
You can enrich your life by emulation, I'm not talking about wearing the same hat as or practising the same religion as them I'm talking about studying their investing habits and emulating the ones who continually grow.
If we all follow Warren Buffett and no one else and the US collapses well so do we.

Mohammad Osman

We, Somalis regardless of any tribe or region, we are very proud of Mo Farah achievements. Even though, his descendants are from Somaliland, but represents a true Somali, Arab and Muslim sportsman who dedicated his talents to raise the name of his nation in the global arenas. Nowadays, Somalis are busy for internal wars, while the world is moving very fast in discovering the outer-space. Mo Farah is a British National and it is a good sample for the Somalis in Europe, North American and in the Arab World to follow his foot-steps in gaining appreciation from theeir host countries and erase the bad image of the Somali people in the world. Let us move forward and build our nation to compete the global arenas in various fields of life.

Thank you MO Farah for your unique talents which enables Somalis to raise their name in the world.

Wishing you and your family all success in life.

With regardsmm

Mohammad (Isaqi), Riyadh, K.S.A.


I'm Somali, we're closer to the Arabs than the sub-Saharan Africans, don't go out of your way just to fit in with people that won't accept you.

We all know how they treat you in London.

As for Mo Farah is he of the Isaaq tribe which hails from Yemen, just like the Darod.

The anti-Arab comments are being made by the Southerners who don't even know where they come from.


I totally agree with you Mr.Isaqi, glad to hear that, and thanks to Mo Farah for keeping the Somali name alive.

Kind regards
Jeddah -KSA


Since when were Somalis Arabs? I've never met a Somali that considers themselves Arabs, maybe a few delusional ones that believe their descended from an Arab Sheikh but on the whole no.

Ahmed Mohamed Abdulrahman

i am proud to be a Muslim and Arab and Somali ,if your not Arabic, please you must to be what you want to be we don't care about you, and we know as a Somalian people there two tribes original Arabs


Mo Farah is indeed an Arab as he hails from the Isaaq tribe of the Somaliland region (the Northern part of Somalia). The Isaaq are descendants of the Binu Hashim of Iraq.

Many Somalis like myself therefore consider themselves Arabs and we are all proud of Mo Farah and his achievements.


What about Carlos Slim Helu - the richest man in the world with $73 billion. He is Mexican but of Lebanese descent. Does he not count because he is a Maronite Christian? He is still Arab by race on both mother and fathers side

Mo's Bro

Shoddy, shoddy work Arabian Business.

Arabs who are not Arabs.

Royals who are not royals.

Powerfeul people who are not powerful.

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