Qatar a "21st century slave state" - trade union boss


One wonders if this trade union boss really cares about workers.

What about the rights of Palestinian workers who have to cross border police in their own homeland? End hours traveling to and from work? Slapped and beaten at checkpoints? And often arrested, or when they return home, it was bulldozed.

He forgot about that.

What about the African workers also in Israel who are treated with such extreme racism, their homes are broken into by white Israeli gangs when they are at work and are chased down the streets by gangs?

He forgot about that.

What about the Mexican grape pickets in America who work long hours under the sun and with no options for any healthcare, often they are children separated from their families, and American grape growers dealing with gangs that transport labour like sardines?

He forgot about that.

What about the millions of workers in India, China, Africa, and Europe, who are daily abused, often beaten and raped.

He forgot about that.


I think that Qatari authorities should do a better job in clarifying the laws governing migrant workers conditions and it is the government's responsibility in the first place to ensure that the laws are not broken by contractors. A communist trade unionist is not in my opinion an authority on the issue. A more respectable body such as the U.N. should investigate the matter and issue recommendation. It is sad to hear that 191 workers out of a million plus suffered heart attacks in 2010 due to the heat, but how many died in 2011 and 2012 and can their deaths really by directly attributed to wrong-doings by contractors? I am not an expert on the matter, but the article seems to be one-sided.


This is the situation in all of the Gulf, not just Qatar.


That's not 100% true. You look at your country through a "bee" eye and at the GCC through a "fly" eye. That's called hatred, I hope you get well soon.


Well thr Gulf is worse.... dah! We don't make them live in industrial areas like you people do!!!


Lebanon too, I have seen it myself.


It's not like the workers are worse off than in the places they come from. Have we all forgotten that the average people who do this work come from heavily polluted environments with greater health risks and deceases than anywhere else in the world? However bad it seems, they are getting paid more than in their home countries, and I would choose to build stadiums in Qatar over taking apart freight ships with asbestos, nuclear material and other health hazardous stuff somewhere in Calcutta any day, however heartless I may sound, it's the simple truth!


So realiste, just because they leave their home country they should be treated like animals as in the Gulf?!

Paolo C

I don't understand why this guy is giving the fault to Qatar instead of accusing Fifa who don't care less about the workers of developing countries.


@ Qatari, the French forces are helping the Malian government and its people fight Islamist militants and terrorists.

I hope this helps. Feel free to ask anything else.


Times have changed, and the region needs to move beyond this archaic business model. It might be hard to hear, but the plight of migrant workers in the Gulf is an issue that needs to be addressed. You cannot build a civilized, modern society on the backs of others.


@nirsly your point is, as usual, to try to deflect attention from whatever is discussed

And kkkk is not rewriting history. African slaves were captured mostly by other Africans, sold to wholesales (Arabs in many cases) and then bought by Europeans for export (English and Portuguese were quite active). It was a fairly globalized value chain, but that is totally irrelevant to this article

Furthermore Qatar is not being criticized for "hiring and paying people for a job" but for its treatment

And while we are at it, remind me again when did KSA outlawed slavery? That would be more relevant than hiroshima

Again if Qatar did not want the spotlight they should not have got involved in this whole world cup


@Telcoguy, Wildwine, KKKK

My point is that you criticize Qatar for hiring and paying people for a job, but you refuse to criticize your own world for the crimes it has committed, and worse, KKKK now wants to rewrite history and blame the American slave trade on Muslims.

What's next? We are to blame or the Atomic bomb on Hiroshima? The Holocaust? The murder of tens of millions of Africans by Europe?


Nirsly, correct and these slaves were hunted down in Central Africa by whom ?

Chris, I assume that the same users might post several comments using different names...


@Nirsly; humans used to walk naked thousands of years ago, do we do it now??
No, because we have moved on and evolved. Just because America did it hundreds of years back does not give credibility.

Whether America is an uncivilized country is of course a totally different discussion.


@Nirsly, USA ended slavery some time ago, 1862 to be precise but it took a little bit to implement. And the import (that would be the kidnapping part) some 200 years ago, in 1808
Going back to your "reasoning" the largest growth in GDP in the USA happened after slavery actually, so it is more linked to working conditions in the industrial cities than to previous slavery in the rural areas
Not really sure what your point is, but I thought it would be good to update you on these not so recent developments

You are welcome
BTW is a competition going on between you and Qatari to see who can come up with the biggest non-sequitur ?


@Chris and SHAQ

Really? America was built on the backs of slaves. Actual slaves, kidnapped, shipped like animals, dying on the way, beaten, dismembered, raped, and unpaid.

Are you saying America is an Uncivilised country?


You just could not give it to some one George either it would go to the next bidder or there would need to be .Qatar tiny population of 300,000 just can not aford to pay expat workers proper wages and the Human rights protection they need. Fact is Qataris do not like expats particulary the third world workers.


The Qatari's are simply not bothered or affected and remain ignorant of world affairs etc. Mega rich they may be but social and intellect development in Qatar is 3rd world standard.

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