Qatar 2022 'should play night matches'

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Qatar is planning 12 state-of-the-art stadia for the 2022 World Cup.

Qatar is planning 12 state-of-the-art stadia for the 2022 World Cup.

A FIFA official has called on organisers of Qatar's 2022 World Cup tournament to consider playing matches late at night to avoid the summer heat.

In comments published by PA Sport, the organisation's British vice-president Jim Boyce said anything should be considered to alleviate the severe heat conditions.

Temperatures in the day in Qatar can reach 50 degrees Centigrade and Boyce said a 10pm kick-off time for football in Qatar could help with the heat - and be good for television scheduling in the UK.

Boyce, from Northern Ireland, told the Press Association: "The FIFA executive committee decided, before my time, that the tournament is going to be held in Qatar and anything should be considered to try to alleviate the severe heat conditions."

He added: "We have heard that there is an intention to provide air conditioning in the stadiums but we should also look at anything that will improve spectator comfort and player comfort.

"People cannot play in 50 degree heat so if that's to be one of the compromises then that's something we will have to look at."

Both UEFA president Michel Platini and Germany's Franz Beckenbauer have called for the 2022 World Cup to be played in January instead because of the heat.

In May, the former UK attorney general advising FIFA on reform said football’s new investigative body will probably examine the bids that won Russia and Qatar World Cup hosting rights.

The race to stage the 2018 and 2022 editions of the $5bn World Cup drew attention to weaknesses in FIFA’s internal governance procedures after several members of its decision-making board were accused of wrongdoing.

“It does need to be looked into,” Peter Goldsmith, a partner at law firm Debevoise & Plimpton, said in an interview.

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Posted by: ABUSIDRA

In next 10 years someone may invent just something tangible and workable in the hot climate like Artificial clouds are not unheard of....planting trees etc. Let them prove their mettel.

Posted by: baffy dedo

The weather id Doha today is 42 degrees with 35% humidity.

I don't think the players for any country will survive playing in this do you.

But even in an evening the average temperature is 36 degrees which isn't much better!!

They will need to do with the fans in the stands what they do with the milk producing cows in the farms - have them under a fine spray mist of water all the time to keep them cool and comfortable!!

Posted by: kiwi craig

'Should play night matches'? This is a statement of the bleeding obvious is it not? Anyone who has been to Qatar in the day at this time of year knows that people will die playing in this heat - giant a.c. system or not. Is there going a universal a.c. system outside that stadiums on the streets of Doha too? No? Then fans will suffer terribly. It will be bad enough at night for all concerned. This has whole 2022 World cup fiasco has disaster written all over it.

Posted by: Arjun

And the argument begins 10 years earlier....let's give the Qatari's a fair chance at what they have projected to do.....anyways name or shame is upto them, everyone in Doha behaves as if the World Cup is next year. Let them get their things straight......i see a lot of challenges in the airport itself, forget the culture, behaviour etc...they seem to be a good bunch of people who are trying to prove something. We'll hear a lot from here onwards...dont jump into conclusions. I just hope it' s not like the Asiad 2006 & the Asian Football championship. Takes time for someone ot learn.

Posted by: procan

I am with Arjun on this one , lets give Qatari a fair chance they have over come many challenges already and need to be supported in there goal for a successful World Cup. Personally I like the night games idea .Here in North America we have been enjoying NFL foot ball, Professional Baseball,for many years in the evening hours . Go Qatari make it happen!

Posted by: Anil

I sense a lot of 'injuries' among star players in 2022. Most probably all the B teams will arrive to play.

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