Qatar Air CEO says still keen on Emirates alliance

Akbar Al Baker says alliance with Dubai airline would make both carriers 'even stronger'


- DOH Airport is small but the egates work and you can go in and out within few minutes (except the long bus rides from the terminal to the aircraft). Dubai Airport is stressful and highly unpleasant. Starting from the casino lights flashing at the entrance, hurting your eyes if you don?t close them, the rude and abusive police at the emigration area, egates don?t work, the duty free area is an insane busy nightmare hub of millions of tired and mad people.
- DOH Airport has taxis waiting; Dubai has 100?s of passengers waiting for a taxi and security guard being rude and treating people like disrespectfully to vent their power trips (it happened last night).


DOHA airport consists of a separate arrival terminal, but then a separate departure building for qatar airways, another departure building for other carriers and another building for business/first class qatar airways. I do not know any airport with this interesting configuration. After you find out where you need to be, then it starts ( I checked in online), at the terminal, nobody was present at the drop-off desks, nobody was available at the premium card desks, yes one long queue at the economy terminal. Qatari ladies with their porter jumping the queue.... Then after waiting 30 minutes at the passport check, then a free sight seeing tour round the terminal that takes 15 minutes to reach the aircraft. On my return trip, yes there was a taxi at Doha Airport, but the driver had no clue where to go and only put on the meter after I asked him to


QA is micromanaged by a guy who things he can personally control the life of every single individual who works for the airline. In spite of that, I personally think that their service on board is generally better than Emirates:
- QA food is close to real food, Emirates? is precast, pre-packed;
- QA offers a menu with more than one choice, Emirates throes at you whatever they have, without bothering to ask and inform you (it happened to me last night on a Emirates flight);
- QA crew are generally polite and professional, Emirates? depends on their personality and mood, some unprepared for the job (it happened last night on the Emirates flight, when asked for a glass of water, the answer was ?wait, later?, it never came. When I complained to the Cabin Senior, again he wasn?t trained to handle the complaint, all he said, thank you for you feedback ;

Quantum Mechanics

What's the fuss is all about? We all worked diligently here and we have been fully paid for it in good faith. Nobody owes anyone anything. It's all business, and not a favor at all.

And I love Qatar for the serenity of the place and its people.

Fatima Ahmed

@Qatari-Qatar should be proud of its world class education. After all, no Qatari private company wants to hire Qataris not even Qatar Airways where less than 2% of the work force consists of Qataris (Source: Qatar Statistics Authority). The reason is because of the work ethic of the Qataris as they are very dedicated and loyal to their iphones and blackberries. Qatar was forced to raise the salary of its public servants (the occupation of most Qataris as they aren't competent) simply because of the fear of the Arab Spring. I hope Qatar makes these kind of achievements which of course makes us proud as Qatar gears towards the Stone Age. Don't underestimate our knowledge our your country, we all know that by 1995, Qatar was in debt or virtually bankrupt.


well in that case " IF YOU CAN'T BEAT THEM, JOIN THEM "


Being a very seasoned traveller i would prefer Emirates to any other airline in the world, both economy and business and first classes. I am now in Kuala Lumpur having flown business on Emirates this morning and this was one of the best airline experiences i have ever had - and it's every time like that with Emirates. Thank you Emirates for doing such a great job.

Jet Blast

memories are short! Both CEO's used to work or had close associations with Gulf Air which 4 masters! Do they feel that operating two airlines with dual hubs in close proximity will be any easier than it was for GF? Also the political expediency of whom reports to whom as the allocation of revenues will be an issue as it was in GF !


@TheAvenger. Another Qatari hater who lives among us, gets payed by us, who can't get over the fact that his country is no way near the success of Qatar and that it will never be. The only relief he can get is online by damaging the reputation of the people who feed his kids and family, such a nice way for someone who sees himself more civilized than other. You are trying to link everything bad in your life to the Qataris, how about you take another look at your country and your people that didn't provide a well paid job for you.


@Qatari: but why do you give such salaries to expats? Is it because if you didn't, they would not come to your desert? So don't make it sound like you are doing them a favor by paying them what you pay them, because if you didn't they would not come here in the first place.

Seriously, if you (P)GCC Arabs want the expats out of your country, why don't you tell your leaders? I am sure they will listen to the voice of reason :-)

The Avenger

@ Qatari , i left my country as my job dictates where i go and i choose to go with that or not .
Maybe if the nationals of your country chose to travel and explore the world and interact with other cultures and nationalities then you wouldn't have such a short term blinkered view .
Please use Emirates though , their planes leave on time !


@TheAvenger, Your job doesn't bring you here, the well paid Qatari salary brings you here. If you like your country that much then why did you leave in the first place. I guess you realized that you cannot eat human rights, engineering, art etc ..

My country is only grateful to God for the natural resources we have. Your people are the ones who came here first begging for our oil in the first place.

The Avenger

@Qatari , getting defensive is par for the course for you and many others . Please spare us the old age sentiment that we should be grateful to you and your country for everything we have . I'm here because my job brings me here as your country does not have the people skills to do it itself , quite ironic don't you think and when it's finished i shall move on to the next project and there will be no shedding of tears .

It is you and your country that should be grateful to us for the services and engineering skills that we provide . Qatar is just another country in a long line that i have worked over 30 years in my chosen industry . I along with others don't owe you nothing and i'm sure my country with it's long history and feats in human rights , engineering , art , invention , commerce , politics , education and protecting the world which includes you are shaking in their boots .

One day my friend you'll realise that you cannot eat 500 Riyal notes .


Amusing to read comments from Emirates customers badmouthing Qatar Airways - an airline that is regularly independently awarded for its service and quality.

Doubly amusing to read them blindly criticising Qatar's punctuality (which in actuality is largely dictated by the appallingly designed - yet still more efficient in passenger processing than DXB T3 - Doha Airport) when Emirates isn't even one the word's top 20 most punctual airlines.

Triply amusing to read crowing about the fairly terrible Doha Airport by anyone who regularly uses DXB T3, which is to my mind the worst designed modern airport in the world.


ur so full of hate adam agaiest dubai and it show from ur comments but let me tell u that were number2 and soon well be number 1 in the world and if u dont like it dont fly through it

The Avenger

QR is overpriced and it's service is nothing short of disgraceful . Flights never leave on time as they're always waiting for locals who treat the airline like their personal taxi service .

Couple this with poorly trained and inadequate staff and an airport that resembles a bus shelter and you have yourself a rather mediocre airline .

Qatar Airways is the worlds 5 star airline but only in their own minds . A poor airline that mirrors everything Qatari .

It promises a lot but delivers very little !

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