Qatar Airways forced to ground new Boeing 787

Airline's CEO says he will demand compensation from US plane manufacturer

Kroner Derek

Airlines is a very competitive business and lot of the stunts they do to market that is part of the industry. Airplanes are safe and when they announce there are issues that just shows the dedication of an airplane manufacture to look into the issues rather shove under the carpet. Mr. Al Baker is doing what he should do but, he still knows that his safest bet is in a boeing which has years of experience and very strict standards bodies and NTSB which looks into this issue with dedication. Qatar by having just money will not help it grow it needs rationale and intelligent thinking to use money. There were many countries which had money in past and many will come but, it will be the right talent which will make the difference. US success attributes to that and immigrants made that difference, some arrived now some arrived ages back but all of the best contributed. Qatar is a long way from that. Even today the most innovative and stricter standards body are in the US. Qatar is ages away.


Such a good American.


Yes safety is always paramount where Qatar Airways is concerned, that is why i just love flying Qatar Airways, an incomparable experience. I wish i could say the same about other airlines...


I think Mr. Al Baker should cancel the order with Boeing, there is a waiting list of 3 years to get hold of the 787. ANy airline will be more than happy to take Qatar's order.
These are minor issues, every new plane will have minor issues, do you remember the A380?
If the Chief of Qatar Airways wants to show his muscle then he should be looking somewhere else.


Has anyone of you haters paid for OUR new airport ? Why do you think you own it. I am sure that Qatar has the right people in the right positions. And you haters should only ask for what you pay for. Being World's best airline gets people jealous everywhere. Mr. Al Baker has all the right to demand compensation.


like finishing the airport.

Paul King

This is good news....hopefully he"ll cancel the 2022 World Cup now!

Justin Edwards

Teething issues on an Airplane!! come on give me a break. You are talking about an airplane not a car. Once you have an airplane in the production line it should have already passed ALL the safety tests without compromise. If there are still issues they should be of minor scale not to the level it stops the airplane from taking off. I believe Qatar Airways has every right to sue Boeing and seek compensation.


Poetic justice Al Baker, perhaps you could stamp your feet threaten to cancel all future orders


Or Boeing should be up to their words and agreements when making planes. Al Baker is doing his job, and they are NOT.


Mr Al Baker is a well-known industry firebrand. Sure he could cancel future 787 orders, but what would that accomplish? He needs the 787 for its range, fuel efficiency and other benefits.
He's also aware that the 787 is a clean-sheet aircraft, highly advanced, and that teething issues are common with any new aircraft. The 787 is designed with multiple backups/redundancy in all its critical flight systems, and is probably the safest aircraft flying today.
The bugs should all be worked out in about a year, two at most

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