Qatar Airways sued after drinks trolley injury


After decades of hitting up the drinks trolley I would be prepared to let this one pass. Those things are dangerous to all, particularly the tiny trolly dollies who have to drive them through the turbulence.

Bruce and Bruce

Gotta be the only Australian to ever complain about having a load of drinks tossed at him. The operation he needs is to have his Ozzie nationality surgically removed. A disgrace to the cobber breed.


This happened to me once, I thought the flight attendant was flirting with me. So instead of suing I asked her out on date. Dinner with an elegant lady is way nicer than lawyers, courts and judges.


what?? throw this man out of Australia he is a disgrace to the country. Try to have a decent job where you earn what you deserve and get respect for your self and your family??

Mr. SK

Just another case of some bloke looking for cheap cash. He should move to USA where winning bogus cases like these seem to be a norm!!!!


Did the attendant hit him in the aisle or did he/she stick the trolley into his seating area to hit him. if hit in the aisle, the mistake was entirely his as why was he sticking his leg out of his seating area. If he was hit inside the seating area which is very much unlikely, he must have really aggrived the attendant to do so. hit while moving in the aisle, like going to the restroom and plane experiencing turbulance, in which case the seat belt sign must be on, he had no business to be in the aisle. So I don't see where the airline was at fault to be sued.

jonny bravo

did the trolley hit him at mach speed
what a leech


Throw it out of court or better still, make him pay for this waste of time money-grabbing, attention seeking exercise.

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