Qatar must share 2022 World Cup

UEFA chief says 2022 World Cup has to take place during winter months


Platini is currently head of UEFA and hence not directly involved in FIFA decision making - but he is also a leading contender for the FIFA presidency when Mr Blatter finally resigns/retires in the next 2-3 years...

Qatar Expat

Qatar persuaded FIFA that the Stadiums and even fan zones could be airconditioned and this was accepted. Of course this can be done and Qatar has spent millions on the planning process for this. They have also started the planning for the infrastructure needed without any help from their neighbours. Of course the tournament could be shared but if FIFA wanted a joint bid this should have been done during the bidding process. Let Qatar continue, if the logistics are insurmountable early phase matches could be switched, this decision can be made any time in the next NINE years. I think in terms of common sense a winter tournament should be agreed and this would be better for everyone, let the process continue and let Qatar have the kudos for a successful tournament.

Monkey Tennis

Then...I read Hisham, Thamir and Qateris' comments and realised that I could, of course, be very wrong. What a shame if after the World Cup all that Qatar has left are empty hotels, unused transport systems and useless football stadia.

Ammar Zubaid Ahmad

1000 years? you have only been leading since 1750 onwards.

Monkey Tennis

Please try to keep up - I said; "build its ties with, among other areas, the West". We are all well aware that in 30 year's time the might of India and China will have eclipsed the West and about time too; we're tired of having had to lead the way for the last 1,000 years - about time someone else took over the burden and these two nations are about to embark upon a most thrilling journey; it will be a pleasure to watch; nothing should stay the same for too long.


One thing you're definitely wrong on is the assumption that being involved in the West makes you part of the global community. The direction the global community is heading towards is less and less determined in the West. Like I said before, it is becoming an old fortified relic with old people running the show where there is only crisis management and no long term planning, the will to have free flow of goods but restraints on the the free flow of people, cuts on the most essential thing to a society; education and an overall population in it's twilight years with no fresh views and ideas. It might not be completely there yet, but it's surely getting there.

Monkey Tennis

I was actually an advocate for awarding the World Cup to the Middle East as the one region where football is supported and played that has yet to host it. I also see football as a global language capable of transcending all kinds of barriers between peoples and therefore a potential force for spreading tolerance and mutual understanding if only for 90 minutes at a time! Therefore I thought the Qatar World Cup was a very good thing, although it was clear compromises would need to be made for it to be successful due to the heat. I also assumed that 2022 and Qatari involvement in Spanish and French football was evidence that as a small, wealthy and ambitious country it wished to build its ties with, among other areas, the West and assume an important place in the global community; one of the many wise initiatives that the Qatari rulers use to promote and develop their country. Then...


I have lived in the Gulf region for the past five years, including six months in Qatar. It gets so hot in the Summer that you cannot even sit outside, never mind play football. These stadiums better be well air conditioned. But the Qatari restrictions on the sale and consumption of alcohol may turn out to be an even bigger issue than the heat for the fans. I am one of the skeptics.

A Hanson

Bad headline. They do not have to share it.

This is only the suggestions of Platini and he has hardly been straightforward throughout this process either.

Sometimes I think that FIFA are making it up as they go along.


Agree Berash.
Just another example of the bag carriers in FIFA running a personal club.
Open it up for bidding once again and let all equally bid for a tournament at any time of the year


Would that be exciting or what realiste ! Well no matter what, the game is a foot and it should be a fun ride. This contest is not over yet, the players with there money and lawyers seem ready to have at it again .Its not over till its over.


Qatar never expected the neighboring country's success to be shared with them. Their success is for them, ours is for us. I wonder how much they paid you Michel Platini.


It is well documented and reported that the bid was for a summer tournament. Secondly, even Australia had asked for bidding for a winter tournament, but declined. Thirdly, even the Qatar bid has included measures to over the heat problem in his country in summer. Then how come the successful bidder, Qatar, can change. How come the health problem is an issue as there is air-conditioning provision in Qatar's bid. If Qatar submits an official changing proposal then it means Qatar admits his proposal of using air-conditioning system to overcome their extreme weather is not workable. That is to say that once FIFA receives Qatar's application, FIFA can cancel legitimately his offer of the holding right to Qatar. Then there should be a re-bidding process again, or award the right to the runner up, USA. On the other hand, should FIFA accepts this kind of changing proposal then all other bidders (Japan, Korea, Australia & USA) can start their sue procedure against the decision made by FIFA.

Ty Say

I have read all of these comments and I must say, it does make for interesting reading. I am sure that a lot of you are very naive in thinking some of "the facts" quoted here are completely absurd. For instance "Qatar has the highest level of income per capita". When we calculate such a thing in Britain we would include all salaries for all people, i.e Labourers up to CEO. If you added the fact you pay labour in Qatar a little abouve slave labour I would question this fact.
If anyone here truely beleives FIFA, UEFA, or the FA are not corrupt you are truely naive. They are worst than the Vatican!!


I just can't wait until all the usual suspects start commenting about how all of this is a Western plot and everyone is just jealous of Qatar.


@Telcogirl, accusation is not proof.


@Telcoguy, what do you mean "My bet is that the qataris will bribe". Now you started talking BS. No wonder why your country did not win the honor of hosting this event, people like who falsely accuse their competitors are big crying babies who don't deserve to be on the next bid, prove whatever you have or just keep it to yourself buddy.

The Avenger

@ Hisham , why do you need to tell us that Qatar has the highest per capita income in the world ?

Come to Doha and have a look at a poorly organised and down trodden city with attitudes and working practices that belong in the last century then you can re post your findings .

2022 will be stripped away from Qatar and rightly so . This tournament is for a summer start not winter and it also includes the provision for at least 2 international airports , one of which being Manama in Bahrain.....The need to build the friendship causeway is paramount to this bid....the two parties cannot even sit round the same table together !

Thamir Ghaslan

If you don't like the usual's suspects comments, you can leave Arabian Business. :P


Well, they DO have that thing that usually sparks jealousy in people (especially Western people who obviously cannot bear the thought of that thing being in the hands of Non-Westerners): the highest per capita income in the world!
In the end the West is just made up of people, individuals, who have built-in jealousy and an overall (and mis-placed sense of superiority). Plus the fact that the West cannot accept that the future does not lay in their hands and that it's in fact becoming this old historical relic of what once was. Things like a World Cup can just become just salt on the very open wound.
@Telcoguy I just wanna say that a game in which the ball is barely touched with the feet cannot steal away the name of one that is 90% played by touching the ball with the feet. Thus what we're talking about here is "football" and not "soccer" ;)

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