Qatar teacher jailed for insulting Muslims

Pupils complained after Nepalese teacher allegedly said 'all Muslims are terrorists' - report


Islam is not better than any other religion, to all the muslims out there, stop putting yourself on a pedestal, you are filled with self importance that is not entirely justified.

The Quran supposedly teaches tolerance, if someone hurts you with their words, be mature about it and:

a) grow a thick skin, tell them how you feel ad try and work through the problem,

b) stop believing it's your way or the highway, we now live in a global society and these thoughts of juat stuffing people into jail for use of words is so archaic. Really, I mean is that what happens in the UAE? Someone offends you so you dob them in and inflict jail punishment? That is just such an outdated concept!!

Quantum Mechanics

@ Greame, Nobody understands Islam. Learn the religion first before we put any comment.
We cannot tell these people what to do, therefore your advices are inappropiate. Their Sharia Law is very strict, we Christians will never understand.

Nevertheless, harassment physically and verbally is unacceptable.

Afzal Khan

Whether the students misbehave is irrelavant. The fact is the teacher insulted Qatar and a billion people with his comments. He should be given very strict punishment, I also salute the boys for having courage to complain. Sometimes such teachers may insult thinking the boys are too young to complain.

I Gnore

More ignorance. Thanks we know it already Mr Khan.

who you fooling

@ Afzal

Its people jumping at conclusions like this with out knowing all the facts that causes such problems worldwide, he and Nepal were the ones being abused.
Read the story!!

Paolo C

In this world there is simply no justice. Obviously Qataris are trying not to lose their face in this quite irrilevant episode. The teacher probably thought he was dealing with smart children. Clearly this in not the case. Funny also that in the western media, and especially in the USA, the stigmatisation of arabs as terrorists is heard on a daily basis. I do not see any arab Gouvernment standing up to protest against this western propaganda. The same episode could have easily happened even in a so called civilized country like Germany if a professor would have tried to explain children to be more critical about history of the last century and in particular about the alleged holocaust. Instead the educational system in the western countries is aimed in brainwashing children at an early stage with the usual holocaust story, the visit to the concentration camps and bla bah, blah. I haven't seen any initiative to visit instead Palestine. It's all a bunch of propaganda.

Mr T J Hoare

The root cause of this incident is in the fundamental lack of proper upbringing ,
"Spare the rod and spoil the child ", these children need chastising , not their teachers ,the teachers should be given silent respect,
for common sense sake these are badly parented Children indoctrinated with ignorant disrespect for their elders.
National Governments should not be involved in religious beliefs or racism , religion is a private matter between a man and his conscience , governments and the judiciary should stand back and let the educational authority deal with this matter ,
the whole scenario is medieval in mentality, to bring the law into play makes mockery of your system and how you people conduct your country
There is too much of this "We are in some way superior " shoved in the faces of foreign workers who are an integral part of your modern day community .


The real mockery is the constant school shootings we hear about constantly all across Europe and North America.

The list and recurrence is a mile long and it wont be long before we get another one.

So spare me moral high horses.

Glass houses, stones, and all that jazz...


Shame on the management of Qatar Academy for not putting up the right resources in place to protect its teachers. Some students believe they are above the law, despite studying in a school with IB syllabus.
We know the story of this teacher personally, and the students physically abused this teacher, before he asked them, a simple question of how would they like to be stereotyped.
It is very sad, that the media has just portrayed a story without checking the relevant facts.
I implore the Academy to put in place protection and barriers for teachers at the same, I also implore the Govt to re-look at the facts before this goes to the National Human Right Committee in Qatar, which in itself is yet to prove what they really do.
So sad to know that this behaviour from a country which 'aspires' to be world-class.


Sorry to say but this is the "norm", Educator, Engineer, driver, maid it is just hired help. Poor chap, would pay the price for trying to educate, send home, everyone would forget about him. My advise would be for someone to open an overseas account for Mr. Gurung where all concerned can contribute to because it is a pretty good chance he may have to pay his way out of the insult.....


Well the way I see it, when you're in a Muslim country and you're income is generated from that country, at least have some dignity and maintain some good manners and loyalty to the land that had provided you the shelter and the job to meet your financial needs. Stating that all Muslims are terrorists is simply an act of prejudice towards the Muslim majority, and no logical person will be able to support that claim.

Furthermore, I support the Qatari government for doing such a move, that is if those claims made by the students were true and if that teacher had confessed about his wrongdoings.

Janos Marki

Are you functionally illiterate? He did not say all "muslims are terrorists", he said "how would you feel if people said... all muslims are terrorists". Do you really not see the difference?

abdul hafeez Sheikh

I agree with RBH and also add that every individual who insults Muslims ,should stay in his country rather coming to Muslim country for earning money


I find it incredible that a school allows a grade 7 student to verbally and physically assault a teacher, fire the teacher and turn their back on him.
Have the police detained the boy for assaulting Mr. Gurung?
The school has given an incredible amount of power to young children who want to bully expats. Qatar Academy teachers be very aware that how they treat Mr Gurung is how they will treat you if any problems arise. GOOD LUCK!


Grow up Qatar .... and Qatar.ies !

What an embarrassment for the Education fraternity ...

Linda Olson

It's unfortunate that your article makes no mention of the context of this alleged quotation. Mr. Dorje Gurung was being harassed verbally and physically because he is Nepali by disrespectful students. He was trying to get them to be empathic. He asked them how they would feel if someone told them all Muslims were terrorists. It was an attempt at creating empathy. It is possible that these children misunderstood the difference between a rhetorical question and a statement. Let us hope it is a very unfortunate misunderstanding based on language, rather than outright bullying on the part of the students which has been reinforced by Qatar Academy. This has resulted in the imprisonment of a compassionate, hardworking, intelligent, respectful international educator. I know--because he is an ex-colleague.

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