Raped Norwegian woman jailed in Dubai

Twenty-four year old gets 16-month jail term after she reported rape to police


how could someone who reported an assault become the perpetrator???? and the saddest part was to be abandoned by the company that you're working for.... as an expat it makes us think several times of whether my company will be on my side during this time of struggles...will they help?? will they stand next to me?? to be abandoned on this crucial point.... is the worst part of all....


As a Muslim, and as a woman, my heart breaks for this woman. Our country thrives in the sale of alcohol in bars and resteraunts, to punish a visitor for consuming it is the height of hypocrisy. Make it mandatory to flash your alcohol license in bars, or blanket ban the sale, but to exist perpetually with one eye open when it suits you is contemptible.

The avenger

If there was more comments like this then everybody would feel more at ease in this region . Well said Fatima.
This story has damaged Dubai and the region tenfold again .


How can the woman have had consensual sex if she was blacked out at the time? No consent means rape irrespective of any other circumstances. If it was rape then it is a massive travesty to charge her with sex outside marriage. All this will do is stop other rape victims reporting the crime to the police and more perverted criminals will get away with it.


This report is contradictory with respect to the colleague, the alleged rapist. At one point it is mentioned that "the colleague was sentenced to 13 months for rape", but then towards the end of the report it says "it has not been revealed whether the alleged rapist was also charged." It is an unfortunate incident but the reporting should be more accurate.

I don't understand why human beings find it hard to understand that the freedom to act has to be tempered by common sense and understanding of the cultural environment we are in as well as the laws of the region in which we are in. In most cases the consequences we face can be traced back to the choices we make that lead us to the trouble that we later find ourselves in.


there clearly should be signs at Dubai airport for all visitors saying welcome and remember alcohol consumption is illegal.
Wonder why there are not?


agree with you Lily, however Humanity has no laws but its important that there are cultural obligations that be followed


Absolutely right.

What about the cultural obligation to not rape someone? Or is that not a cultural obligation here?

I'm getting a bit sick and tired of people using alcohol consumption as a justification for rape. Regardless of your views on alcohol consumption, that has no bearing on the immorality of rape. Why are people blaming the woman for the rape? There was a second person involved in this, and they've received a smaller punishment. How does that make sense?

Ahmed Mansoor

Having alcohol at staff meetings... wow.. this itself call for a disciplinary action from the company leave aside rape and other things which led to this. Since woman blacked out under the influence of alcohol, may be she agreed to this act without now remembering ? This is why alcohol is prohibited in islam and hence restrictions in majority of muslim coutries.


It is possible that this woman may have given accounts to the police which were contradictory, but what do you expect from someone who has just been assaulted ?


I feel so very sorry for her. It's not for me to decide if she is wrong or right. I wasn't there or even know the full facts. I can only speculate. All I know is this, after travelling in many countries, one made it their business to know the laws of the particular country you were in as you were aware they would be very different to your own country.


I don't want to say that she got what she deserved because we don't know all the facts in the case.

However, these facts are certain because she admitted them:

- She was drinking so much that she blacked out.
- She asked the man to escort her to her hotel room.


So raping women is ok in certain circumstances then? Would stealing someone's wallet also be ok?

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