Research In Motion interview: Andrew MacLeod

Research In Motion’s latest version of its BlackBerry smartphone marks the Canadian manufacturer’s make or break moment


Hope it will be reasonably priced and have trade in offer.
Hope there is a upgrade in the service too.
how about concierge service?. that would be tempting.


All the best Engineer.
But since I live in a country where hand gestures (however non suggestive)are generally construed as lewd and insulting and invite incarceration- i would proceed with caution -
Maybe you should work on winking and squinting - in morse code fashion - or how about wiggling the ears in succession.
I dont think will invite unwanted attention, since the society seem to accommodate- individuals who froth over their bluetooth ear pieces and puncture all the ear drums in the vicinity, with aplomb.
Go tiger!

dave hargraves (designer of smartphone tech)

well the mail in rebate is a bad move, what would be the reasoning for that? the hopes that comsumers would forget? why are you guys charging?, when iphone is not. mind you i do like the idea that your new blackberry has the FM tuner feature. but nevertheless you new blackberry curve is not new. what i mean by this is that type of phone is already in the market place and who are you going to sell to,when everyone has a phone already? but however if you guys are interested in the true next generation smartphone, that would make apple and android driven devices look like they came from the stone age, lets make this happen. imagine no need for voice activated gestures, use of the keyboard or touch screen would be reduced to a minimum, due to new technologies in gesturing i have developed. Rim if your interested in adopting this new technology lets get at it. i must be invited to present and applicable conditions must be met, sorry its either my way or the highway. regards, Freelance Eng.


To the editors,
I think you got the title wrong. Where is the interview???


Hey Hisham, you need to get out more if that was one of the best moments of your life.


RIM might have faltered along the way and committed some glaring blunders but there is no reason why BB10 will not succeed. The iFanboys can hoot and holler all they want, but I still like the fact that a 'Bluetooth' enabled device means you can actually connect to other 'Bluetooth' devices, plugging a phone to a computer instantly detects it as a USB drive for easy file transfer, an instant messenger service that is still leagues ahead of what is currently bandied about. Oh yes and all that while, I am not 'tethered' or 'imprisoned' to a proprietary software ecosystem for file transfer and mandatory file conversions.

Thanks. Here's hoping the BB10 silences critics and armchair techno dodos.


Is it just me or did this 3 page " exclusive interview" with Andrew MacLeod contain literally only 3 lines from him? Perhaps I'm missing some text....

On to the article itself - I really wonder if its possible for BB to play catch up anymore. Only if it opens up its ecosystem in a meaningful way and can present apps as compelling as those on iOS and Android will it be able to survive as a competitor. Its previous attempt at creating an app store was laughable at best - heres hoping round 2 works out better for them. More competition is always better.

ian stuart

the apple reminds me of when i was young and picking a rosy apple from the tree only later to find out when i bit into it a bit that it was worm infested, ever since the dawn of time an apple has always held that magical attraction only to leave the ones who pick them wishing they had left it on the tree

Sam from Canada

Wow! Metaphoric indeed!


BB10!! I will never again have to buy a apple product. Even my kids are begging me for a Blackberry. The Playbook is very cool and getting better every day.


One of the best moments in my life was throwing my BB 9000 Bold in the garbage and switching to iPhone in 2009. When I see friends with a BB and how limited it is, even the latest models, it feels like 1996 all over again. This company is done for! How late did they come up with the brilliant idea of including VoIP in BBM? They should have stopped making hard and software when the iPhone came out and should've switched their business model to an App based company offering security apps and BBM as an App.


@hisham I considered throwing away the old technology,and if Blackberry had not decided to go from 2008 tech to 2014 tech then yes they would have gone bust.

I think the new os 10 could be the savour.
The stock is trading 30% below book.

I bought Ipad and Samsung tablets for my office, they all prefer Samsung.

Apple has now gone from innovation to litigation, it has had its day in the sun just like other companies.


I have had a BB forever. 3 years ago I actually received an iphone from my company. I used it for 2 weeks and couldnt get rid of it fast enough.

For myself in the business world the most important thing is email and secondly phone. I have talked to many people who have been forced to iphone or android (which is actually better than iphone) and when I ask about how it is for typing they all say BB is way better. When you do as many as 100 emails a day on a smartphone there is no better device. Not really into apps or games - I need a business device. There is nothing better than the BB for this.

BB10 will be even better


BB10 will even outsell the iPhone


iPhone is a superior phone, by design and by iOS

Cool heat

We all know that analysts and the media have been bashing RIM for the last couple of years. There are way too many misleading reports out there. This helps drive the stock down. Billions are made by doing this.�

So BB10 is almost here? But how can this be?

One top analyst said that BB10 will not be available till July 2013. Another top analyst said that RIM will burn all their cash and will never see 2013. A third one said that they will be obsolete before there new OS is ready. Rocco from seeking alphabet said that buying Rim shares is like catching a falling knife. Another writer said that RIM shares will trade for under $1.00 per share comes 2013. A top analyst gave RIM a 10% chance of surviving. Recently he changed it to 20%. Will he say 30% when Rim shows the BB10 phones on January 30th, then up it to 40% when stores receive the product. He will be up to 50% when the phones go on sale, then 60% if they sell well, and finally 70% if they are a hit. By this time, the share price

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