REVEALED: The world's safest and unsafest airlines

Emirates Airline and Etihad Airways among the world's top safest carriers, says report


This report is based on Hull loss and lives lost in accidents!! It is not based on what measures airlines have in place. I dont see how an airline can pay or not pay to have their names on the safest and not so safest list. Such numbers cannot lie!!


As perceived safe as they are, this survey is nothing but a load of PR 3rd world adoration tosh! This is simply so way off reality, it doesn't warrant a moment's consideration.
Emirates and Etihad are infants. KLM is pretty much the word's oldest airline, flying not far short of a hundred years longer than the babies in question and considering the miles they have flown, their safety record is impeccable; not perfect but way up among the best such as Air Canada and Qantas etc., . Dare we mention a near perfect EL AL record?
This silly press release is aimed at the uninformed, largely unsophisticated mass who will now tout this absolute tosh as fact for years to come.
Hikmat hits the nail by asking to reveal the criteria and it is probably some PR agency getting paid - cashing in on the 'ask anyone from Dubai who seem to cult worship anything Emirates' who is the best and surprise surprise, it's Emirates! Yet credible critics know well they lack in several areas.

John Smith

Absolutely, as an ex EY employee, I agree with you 100% because I do know exactly what's going on and the ins and outs and cats behind, so to speak!


We will accept this data, only if we know the base of the study.
Anybody has an idea??????


Maybe the safe airlines are the ones that paid ab for their ranking.


Turkish airlines, unsafe?? are you kidding me?


This research is incomplete or not based on real facts. If you research properly, research through ground service providers, airside employees, flight crew, engineering, security agencies, safety & security audits in place and how seriously they look at audit findings and recommendations, Emirates and Etihad is nowhere near to British Airways. Please research amount of extra security and safety measures BA has, compare to others and amount of money they spent which is not visible to the public.
My advise is if you want to fly fancy it may be Emirates, or Etihad. But if you want to fly safe its still BA.


Whilst I appreciate that this report from JACDEC has been highlighted by ABC as it allows a degree of flag waving for EK and EY, the report is somewhat flawed. It uses loss and accident data over a 30 year period, thus (for example) Air Canada is marked down for the 23 lives lost when there was a fire aboard flight 797. But this tragedy took place on a DC9 in June 1983 and is thus hardly indicative of the safety regime that is now in place at the airline. The statistics also favour long haul airlines as the denominator is RPK. Furthermore, newer airlines such as EY benefit as their data only goes back to 2003 thus the probability of an accident is less.

Abdul hafeez Sheikh

What about IATA , do they feel the same way ,if so i congratulate Emirates air lines and Etihad alir lines They belong to the safest country in the world whihc is UAE


This list is definitely the joke of the year !! i cant understand
the logic behind this joke. in a recent poll turkish airline was
voted the bestairline in europe . now its ranked 54th !!
these jokers missed out garuda, pia, iranair, aeroflot, nepalairlines.
this looks like some paid news !! any keep it up jokers of

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