REVEALED: 50 richest Indians in the Gulf

Landmark Group founder, Micky Jagtiani, tops Indian Rich List with $4.5bn

samiul mia khan

good to see all comment come from indian people but seriously we need help from gulf to improve our football team


i think some guys r missing might be u can consider for next year
j.p.kalwani-safeer group
rajen kilachand-dodsal
murij manghnani-cosmos
arun nagar-cellucom
ajay bhatia-bhatia brothers
l.r. lulla-astoria and ambassador hotels
raj shetty-ramee hotels
s.p.singh-dubai grand hotel
subash karani-v.v.&sons
v.l.pamnani&ramesh pohumal thanwani-partners,t.choithram &sons
lal ganwani-chairman,lals group
khushi khatwani-khushi jewels
chandu siroya-siroya jewels
harish pawani-peekay investmensts
chetan karani-mikura pearls
madhu koneru-trimex group
l.n.dhamani-dhamani jewels
gul vaswani-rigid group
ashok odhrani-super technical enterprises
ghanshyam pagarani-yogi group
ramesh hiranandani-hira industries
cm gidwani-aldes middle east
birbal singh dana-dana group
ashok uttamchandani-rocky real estate
surender singh kandhari-al dobowi group
suresh dodani-servotech international
jaikishin bhojwani-time machine group
raju t jethwani-eurostar group
manohar lahori-palmon group
sunil vaswani-stallion group


Absolutely amateur journalism..There are major inaccuracies with AB's previously published Indian richlist


I really do not think that all those mentioned have been scrambling to get into the list.
Or maybe they did -perhaps it boosts their credi ratings and more favourable lending terms.
the banks will go - Guess what i just lent a billion dollars to so and so -- and no collaterals too !
@ Ali Hey bro Dont take it personally they are not partial to Indians- But surely there is no harm in listing the very rich among the largest expat community- in the GCC


why oh why do we keep having these lists its repetitive and non interesting as we know who they are
focus on the news not the richest most influential etc
we dont care


I believe the list is totally biased.... I don't know how they judge the rich people but for sure they have missed many and certain names in the list are totally wrong...


About time these rich Indians gave back to the society they made their money from.

I am aware that virtually ALL these rich Indians have philanthropic activities back home in India...but has any one actually given back to the poor people in the GCC countries? GCC DOES have a poor population as well - not everybody is a SHAIKH u know. Build something that will leave a legacy and be a THANKYOU token. After all, it is unlikely u will ever be able to spend all the money u have even if u henceforth earned no more.

Also, there are thousands if Indians and other expats in jails for often paltry amounts of money- why not get them out? Will do your conscious a huge moral boost and you will sleep better.

Or setup a VC fund and fund high risk/return projects for locals and be a partner in that success. Or setup a free Hospital...just so many things you can do with your wealth that would earn you a ROI in the hereafter - which is forever, not just 70-80 yrs :)


I know a few people on that list. They do participate in regional philanthropy; you can google a few names on this list and you will find mention of certain things they've done here.


What on earth is AB's fascination with running lists??? Guys - write something interesting then this garbage that you keep churning out???


What's with the obsession with Indians in the Gulf? Why not compile a list with all expat nationalities? Surely it would be more indicative of the Gulf's potential for expat businesses.


Ashsish had an interesting post below. How is one classified Indian if they are not Indian citizens? Some people included in the list have been living in the Gulf even before the partition of India. In that case, even Pakistanis like Abdul Yaqoob would qualify.


@Ali - I'm pretty sure that you'd find a tremendous amount of overlap. As per friends of mine who are in wealth management (and so are fairly conversant with where the money lies), there may be a handful of non-Arab's on the list, but the vast majority will be of South Asian origin.


when you are young, you wish to have money to travel, eat, entertain and enjoy life, which 99% you do not get it, when you become rich you are old, fat, lost youth, not much charm, you can not eat, you have diabetics, chrostrol, etc, you can not sleep deep, you can not travel long, and in fact when you are after the world, it escapes from you, and when it stops to look at you, you can not enjoy it..

Waseem Alam

wow, Good comments. i appriciate your feeling. Sometime I also think like u. Lasly I reach a point, its only because of luck. For example: Rahul Gandhi, Bilawal bhotto ----- people like this bourn with the spoon of gold. They always enjoy their life from 360 degree since birth till death except a few one.

Cheer n Enjoy and have a good drive.

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