Revealed: huge disparity in Dubai school fees

Private school fees in Dubai may vary by more than AED600,000 per year depending on where you live

New Expat

I recall a recent study by Alpen Capital suggesting that the average cost of a child's entire life of schooling in Dubai is about AED 1 million. Although steep, that seems to apply mostly to the outstanding and very good rated schools by KHDA as they are afforded the opportunity to raise fees annually.

Our son goes to one of the popular schools in al barsha, adding up his fees for the entire lifetime would come about 720,000. The same group has a school on the other side of the creek and that costs 1/4 the price. I suppose the cost of rent & teacher compensation is more reasonable there?


Everything rises here except the salary.

Parent in Debt

Are parents encouraged to take on more debt to pay off school fees and rent?


I think you need to check your numbers. Whilst school fees in Dubai are expensive, I don't think they have reached the numbers quoted in your report.


Variation in fees of AED600,000 per year?
Are you sure that these figures are correct?


Are there some typos in the fees .? Shouldn't the max and min fees read AED 85,000 and AED 20,000 rather than AED 850,000 and AED 200,000 as printed?


The chart says "average school fees for all year groups".


I don't think that article is accurate. It is very clear, that the school fees are too high and very soon not affordable anymore for the majority of Dubai residents. However - I am not aware of annual school fees of AED 850,000. I am also not aware of a AED 600,000 gap in school fees per year....


Not surprised at all! If you take the average fees at a school in Deira and compare that with a school in an upmarket area of Dubai, you will definitely notice the difference. Certain curricula schools are quite affordable as the average wage teachers make there is a fraction of what they'd get in new expat communities.

A colleague at work pays AED 14000 per year for her daughter whereas i pay closer to AED 43,000 per annum for the same grade. If you add up entire schooling, the numbers can go quite high!

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